Game glitches in Borderlands 3

I’m having an issue with filtering through my missions in my mission log. When I go to my mission log, there’s an option to filter missions by pressing :stop_button:. Every time I press the :stop_button: button, I get the blue screen. This has been happening since Monday night. Today, I went to collect a highjack target (Technical’s Spike Wheels) in Devil’s Razor and after I got the vehicle and I turned it in at the car station, my game froze as I was getting out of the vehicle so I didn’t get credit for the highjack target. I restarted the game two additional times and redid the highjack challenge with the same results. Is anyone else having issues like this?

I havent done this mission so I couldnt tell you, but so far this game has come with a grocery list of problems and glitches. Nothing world breaking yet. Just frustrating. Are you online or offline?