Game Harder When Playing Solo?

I have been playing for about a week; I notice when I play solo the levels appear to be waaaaayyy harder than when I play public matches, my questions Is was this by design? I have to admit the game is more fun when playing with others especially when they know how to use their characters however I hate getting demolished when playing solo mode, sometimes a guy wants to wake up and play a quick match without someone talking in your headphones ya kno?

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I find the opposite to be true. You must be playing with some amazing people. Go try advanced Heliophage alone with Thorn and then with 5 people and see if it’s the same.


I ran multiple sabs and helios yesterday solo and three man on advanced. beat it everytime and farmed out boots of the brute and everything else i wanted. the difference is the number of mobs that spawn. the more players on your team = the more mobs that spawn. try it with one or two.

will do

oh ok ok

More players = More enemies with more health. However, playing solo means everything is focused on you and of course nobody to revive. Two players is usually the easiest, few enemies with low health and you can divide mobs by drawing aggro to two locations.


It’s actually easier with one player. More players = more, tougher, stronger enemies.

I find 2 players to be about the hardest runs, for some reason. It’s like it scales as though you have 3. Still, I enjoy those!

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Wow, that’s totally opposite to my experience! Not saying you’re wrong, obviously it’s just comparisons of subjective viewpoints unless we could see the actual slider bars governing enemy HP, attack strength, and spawn numbers; but it really feels to me like 2 people get about the same spawns and enemy toughness as 3 people. For the record, I really enjoy 2 person runs, you have to have really good tightness and synergy.


Well if you are not very good (below average) as a player or with that particular hero, going solo would be generally more difficult. Not counting the difficulty scaling with more players. I see going in a team of 2 or 3 people is easier than in 4-5 people team.

And there are some missions (the Saboteur) which desing is favoring them to be most easy with the least amount of enemies, i. e. solo.

Overall, it’s very subjective, it’s OK to feel that way or the opposite.

Having played 99% solo myself, I highly recommend you sink some time into mastering the pve levels solo. You will gain a higher sense of awareness with enemy spawn points and the types of enemies that spawn. You will know exactly where the game will trigger challenges and the types of challenges at various points so you can be ready for them (extra credits, command/character xp, and loot packs are always a nice bonus). You will have to know the ins and outs of boss fought tactics, learn how to manage buildables and gear, general map layout and how to find chests and shards.

Playing the game exclusively in a group can have the side effect of stunting your learning curve as you’re discovering now. Give yourself tine to learn how to solo and make yourself an infinitely better player when you join your group. The times I have played with a group are such a walk in the park for me because I’m so used to having to deal with everything myself! Lol


Depends on the class too, if you Solo with Oscar Mike and get good with him everything seems very easy.
Some classes will seem easier on a good team for sure, especially if the class you are playing is not ranged.

I think there is a swing

Solo is harder than 2 or 3 player but I find it easier than 4 or 5 player.

Agree, 5 player advanced needs a good group.

This person with the pretty Thorn avatar is right - when soloing, it largely depends on your character and the mission in question. And to use the same example, soloing with Oscar Mike is easy given how his kit is designed. Conversely, trying to solo with, say, Reyna is gonna smack you right in the junk unless you have a fine understanding of the nuances of her kit (fortunately, in Reyna’s case, her kit gets some major alterations if you’re soloing with her).

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Agreed. SOLO, it depends a LOT on what character you choose, and what gear you bring. More the former than the latter.

I caught pure Hell trying to run The Algorithm solo with Ambra first time. OM, WF, Benedict? No problem.