Game Has Been Unplayable For Months

I have already made a post about this previously, and got no replies. I will attempt again.
Every since the cartel update, I have been unable to play the game. When I open Borderlands 3, my computer is instantly brought to its knees, other applications that are open will crash, constant freezing. After a few minutes, the game’s title screen will appear. The main menu works fine, I can change settings and everything. When I try to actually play the game, it stops working. It loads for ten to fifteen minutes, and then either closes, or loads my hud and nothing else.
I have Windows 7, 8gb of ram, an i5-4690K @ 3.5GHz, and a GTX 970. My game is on the lowest possible settings, even downscaled to 50%
I have tried reinstalling the game, and I have tried those ini tweaks to use LoD models for everything, nothing works.
Can anyone tell me why I can’t play this game anymore?

That’s weird, like legit abnormal. I don’t think it’s something with the graphic settings - if you turned everything on max, it shouldn’t react like that.

Are you starting the game up in DX12 or DX11? (Smells like DX12 and your system doesn’t like it for some reason).

Windows 7<- Why, in 2020 are gamers still running Win7? No. Valid. Reason. At. All.

Hopefully the update today will magically fix things for you since the last update broke it :nerd_face:


From what I understand Windows 7 can’t run DX12? Try to change .ini settings to start the game in DX11 mode.


I only upgraded from my Win XP laptop last year :rofl:

Have to admit Win 10 is a pretty decent OS but I don’t PC game these days.

I don’t have DX12 enabled, the option has always been greyed out because I don’t have Windows 10

Definitely worth trying after updating. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

After waiting all day for the update to complete, the game runs, but is not playable in any form. I waited over ten minutes just to see my hud show up, then pause the game. When the game is paused I’m at 60 fps, but when its not paused, or if I click on anything, it freezes and my CPU and GPU in the top of my screen (the fps counter for bl3) shoot up to 99ms and stay there for several minutes. I don’t understand why this game runs like this.
Someone please help. I payed money for this game and I want to play it.

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Another update: I can move and look around, getting over 100 fps, with constant freezing. Opening my inventory freezes the game for a minute, then goes back to over 100 fps. I should be able to run this game without issue, but it doesn’t want to work.

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