Game has not stopped crashing any help would be a life saver

Hey so I picked up borderlands a few days ago and played for a breif 15 minutes to just get a load in.

Today me and my friend begun the journey through the wasteland but almost every 5 minutes and especially when i get near a vechile my game crashes. It crashed almost 10 times within an hour and a half with 40 minutes gameplay, it’s been absolutly soul destroying.

I’ve tried setting all settings to low, turning off v-sync, having the game in fullscreen, updated my drivers and windows, I’ve been running in administrator and yet this still happens, here is my crash report if it brings any enlightenment to my situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 3 UE4CC-Windows-6588535B4FA4A2211968F79279F90A8B_0000 9904 false false false false true Assert 208 UE4-OakGame Borderlands3 Shipping WindowsNoEditor Windows Game Unset Catnip 4.20.3-2079527+OAK-PATCHDIESEL-99 CommandLineRemoved 1033 en-GB OAK-PATCHDIESEL-99-CL-2079527 true C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Borderlands3/OakGame/Binaries/Win64/ C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Borderlands3/ 8C088DE94D7B6FCCB2128C9AEAFBDC81 8c088de94d7b6fccb2128c9aeafbdc81 KERNELBASE 0x00007ffdb59d0000 + 39159 Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + ad1a97c Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + acdd88d Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + 27f1ae8 Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + 27f2a9b Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + abd0c37 Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + abd314c Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + ad92a0b Borderlands3 0x0000000140000000 + ad887b7 KERNEL32 0x00007ffdb7120000 + 17974 ntdll 0x00007ffdb93f0000 + 6a271 everytime I touch a vechile it's almost consistantly crashing as well as just crashing randomly LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 3405] Retry was NOT sucessful. 0 2 4 1 AuthenticAMD AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor Radeon RX 590 Series Windows 10 Build 17763 BPGameState_Default_C 17161109504 20244971520 4096 16 8877883392 6002929664 4195794944 4240998400 6283964416 6455504896 0 0 0 C5E32E1C401BD616376F7A9E86434B4F 637140270623250000 0 Win64 [Windows 10 Build 17763 64b] 1.0 1 0


I didn’t see that you verified your game files in that list; did you try that?

There is a lot of problems that can cause the system to crash, and the bug report needs some more information.

  • Have you disabled all overclocking?
  • As previously asked, have you verified the game files in the epic games launcher? Sometimes stability issues can occur on corrupted files.
  • Have you disabled FidelityFX in the borderlands settings?
  • What graphics driver version are you using? I know the latest driver is 19.12.3 (beta), and 19.12.2 ( WHQL). However, I am using slightly older drivers from September ( 19.9.2) due to system instability problems across multiple games.

Yes, I have even uninstalled the game now to re install it and have woken up to it failing to launch and having to verify game files again.

and I’m using 19.12.2

If you’ve only got one character with 15 minutes of playtime, we can rule out a corrupted save file by writing that off. Everything you’ve done so far (Windows update, driver updates, game reinstalls, file verifications) should have left the save game files untouched. If you go to C:\Users(yourusername)\Documents\My Games, you should see a folder called Borderlands 3. Copy that somewhere safe in case it’s worth saving, and remove that entire Borderlands 3 folder. If you’ve got a bunch of golden keys, or you’ve redeemed some SHiFT rewards, they’ll be in there (though maybe locked behind that vehicle-based hangup).

When you start a new game, BL3 should recreate that folder with fresh save game files, and see if you get any further in the game.

Try disabling FidelityFX. This may lower some of the in-game visuals, but there is a strong chance it will improve game stablity. This in-game option caused by game to crash a few times when the game first launched in september.