Game Idea, Borderlands Series

Ran an idea around my PS3 friends and they all agree that an “Utlimate Borderlands” game would be whatever new word the whippersnappers use for “groovy” these days. :wink:

Sort of in the vein of the old Team Fortress 2 game model, all online play, various maps/missions with
all characters available as playable characters …Tina Tina, Mordecai, Mr. Torgue, Tannis, etc.

Dare to dream, as they say.

You mean Battleborn with borderlands characters?


You had me at playable Mordecai :3

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Sure…why not.

Like I really mean Coke, when I go to a restaurant and order a Pepsi.

I hope they don’t mind if I pay in Kohl’s cash…it’s basically the same thing as cash.

Dude, i don’t want to argue with you. it’s just that gbx already had that idea, and went with new characters anyway.
but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. Maybe, just maybe if we beg and grovel long enough and annoyingly enough we could convince gbx to do a borderlands themed expansion in battleborn.

Here’s my pitch;

Tiny Tina and the gang (11 other playable characters) find a portal. After Tina runs in ‘Jenkins’ style, Brick and the others give chase.
Long story short madness ensues, they end up in friend or foe situation with the battleborn exacerbated by characters like Orendi and Tina slinging the most confusing insults ever made in the history of time. Later on it turns out Handsome Jack’s Doppelganger, Timothy, apparently wants want revenge for his dead boss, but not all is what it seems…

I’m just sitting here, waiting for some rogue version of Borderlands :smiley:

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I know, right?

He was, hands down…my fav character to play in Borderlands. I’ play him as Pac-Man if I could.
I’d play him in GTA if I …ever had an urge to play GTA, which I never will. But Mordercai in GTA would make me consider it.

That’d be insanely much work, probably.

Replaying BL2 I listen to these echos kind of detailing the backstories for the main characters for this game and the “betweeners” like Lilith, Roland and Brick battling Handsome Jack in New Haven. Some sound very interesting to play a part of, like Maya’s monastery childhood where she eventually finds that she is planned out to kill for a cult. Heck, ALL the characters’ backgrounds I wouldn’t mind checking out in more detail. Could be little time-spans that fill in the gaps of what they did here before getting there.