Game included in ultimate edition?

I want to buy Borderlands 2 ultimate edition for ps3 from PlayStation store, cause has a big discount at the moment, but in the description is not written if the game is included

Of course the game is included. Why would they give you all of the DLC, but the not the game itself? That would be insanely redundant.

I know, but I wanted to be sure before buying it. Thanks for the reply :smiley:

I know I’m an old fogey, but I got the Borderlands triple pack on disc that came with all three games and all DLC. I don’t know if it’s available in all markets, but it was the best “bang for your buck” I saw anywhere.


I find it somewhat amusing that you weren’t sure if the “Ultimate Edition” included the game itself… No offence, but what kind of ultimate edition would it be if it didn’t include the game? :laughing:


I saw it when I was searching for borderlands 2, and it should be the best offer, but I want only the 2nd game, so I think ultimate edition should be the best in money terms

Kuolemanlaakso, I’m a gamer but I always played free games, I bought very few games so I don’t know this kind of things. But now I learned it, thank to you guys

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It’s subjective as to what makes something the “best” deal. For me, I like to have options, so more games=more betterer. Plus, all 3 games are great experiences I would highly recommend, so win win win. In the end it’s whatever makes the most sense for you. No matter which way you do the math the answer is only right if it’s right for you.

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