Game Informer unboxes Homeworld: Remastered Collection's Collectors Edition

Check out Game Informer’s unboxing of the Homeworld: Remastered Collection Collector’s Edition:

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neat ijust hope “Revised” Technical and historical briefing does not mean it was edited to fit hw2’s plot.

I thought the artbook was going to be separate from the manual :frowning:

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My Body is ready let the trek begin!

Its a nice unboxing but i already found a unboxing video yesterday and posted it in the general discussion area. Still, can never have enough can you. :slight_smile:

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That would make me a sad panda.

Am I the only one that thinks it would have been an extremely clever move for Gearbox to have placed a write-only USB flash drive inside the guidestone with the games on it? At the very least it would have saved us some download time.

It would have been a good few months out of date, so you’d be downloading a fairly large patch anyway.

Very true. But for some reason the idea still sounds very cool to me.