Game Informer's Harsh yet Honest Review

GI’s latest Score: 6 of 10

Here’s what their Battleborn Review had to say.

Something else to consider even if you don’t entirely agree with GI’s review:

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It’s like what I always say to my mum when she tells me the critic’s review scores for a film we are looking at going to watch.

“■■■■ the review scores, I will make my own opinion of it when I go see it.”

Pardon my Australian accent :wink:


Always laughing when people are disappointed by mechanics that are obvious to moba-style game.


He was directly referencing the Co-op Campaign when he made that statement. They could add that feature for co-op without adding it to PvP if they chose to.

A lengthy campaign? What!? If it wasn’t for the lag in one of the last missions (don’t remember the name), i would have probably completed the game during the day after the game got released, and if it wasn’t for school, possibly during the day the game got released…


Yeah I did the whole campaign on release day (mostly coz I wanted my Mellka lol)


The campaign is pretty lengthy for a game like this, if most missions take you 45min-1hour to complete there’s 8 missions it could possibly take you 8 hours. That’s not bad for a game where the main focus was pvp.

And I agree with the guy above reviews mean nothing I’ve seen movies with great reviews and hated it and vice versa


Yeah, you could say it’s a lengthy campaign for a game like this, but overall, as a campaign, it’s still not lengthy.

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Still, it is (in my opinion) pointless.
Co-op missions take around 30 min to be played depending on the mission. Is it really THAT long that you need a saving feature ? Plus joining during a co-op mission wouldn’t be of any use.


It would be nice if a friend who jumps online while you are midway through a mission could join though, especially if there was a free spot or if someone left the match.

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True I play mostly single player games like dragon age and uncharted so I see your point…but that one sentence should tell you everything you need to know about the review not the game itself

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I suppose that depends on how you play. If you bang through it in 30, wouldn’t matter much. If you spend up to an hour, it may actually be useful. If your stuck running short handed with a ineffective group, being able to ask a friend to jump in to help finish the mission would be useful.

While it would be pointless for you, it wouldn’t be pointless for others.

So, if you disagree with 1 sentence it invalidates anything else that person may think.


Didn’t feel like much of a “Review” when read but perhaps more like an opinion of one person who the game didn’t click for XD


I never said that but from reading the review it sounds like the person reviewing the game wanted a more casual gameplay experience(I get why alot of people do) but there are those of us who wanted something new and different that didn’t feel as “casual” as most FPS games and that’s what we got.

This was one persons opinion and he’s entitled to it(I’m sure there are people who agree with him). This is why I don’t listen to reviews except for a couple of people on YouTube that are pretty good, alot of reviews feel like the devs just paid them off when a game is garbage.(look at the last battlefield game and cod ghosts) and then other games that try something new get low reviews because the reviewer doesn’t know what to make of the game.(remember the original reviews for the first BL game)

You can’t really put a saving system in a multiplayer game, otherwise you end up like borderland with one person completing the mission and the others being just adds that are here to bash enemies without profiting of the whole mission.

There shouldn’t be a hole in the squad in the first place… But with this matchmaking it’s hard.

Pretty much this. This is why I don’t like reviews, of anything really. Battleborn does have kind of a steep learning curve, especially in PVP. Easy to understand the concept, can be difficult to master. I certainly would not recommend it to everyone. Matches can be chaotic, but I LOVE that. I don’t think it’s too difficult to figure out what’s happening in a match once you get used to it. Battleborn has a lot of potential I think to be a very competitive game, but has a lot of growing to do. And with how GBX stays dedicated to updates, I don’t fear the future, I just hope more people join up overtime.


Well, in all honesty, all reviews are opinions. However, before battleborn was released GI gave it the cover and did an in-depth review on the mechanics, game play, and design. They had high hopes for the project, like many of the players that preordered. A sizable chunk of those same players feel that game didn’t live up to the perceived standards of the open beta or the expectations set forth by the team that made Borderlands.


Yep, the review said the same thing.

Reviews, critiques & blogs which judge or review art in any form are basically Gonzo-journalism.

Every review attempts to be professional but its still only a perspective of a single gamer/fan speaking his mind. (At least I had the feeling this review was written by a single person, not a team.)

Thats completely okay and only natural. The only point is that to many people take reviews more serious than they should. Its all about personal taste & opinion, not direction.
20 big reviewers could vote down chocolate 2/10, I´d don´t care and enjoy my Snickers.

In the end: Games are not perfect. Humans are not perfect. Thats frustrating at some points, but its the nature of our universe.