Game Informer's Harsh yet Honest Review

EEeeehhh, I got a little of that vibe, but for a different reason. As I had eventually stated it looks like the reviewer was used to games that work a certain way on consoles. BB is a game that really takes a hit on that platform because of the things I had stated.

If he was a CoDer I would have expected more complaints about how it takes so long to kill and how health doesnt auto fully regen after hitting cover for 5 seconds, etc.

I really just dont think this is the type of game the dude would get into. I would like to see more reviews like this done by people with a history in the genre’s of the games they are reviewing. I also take blog post reviews very lightly anyway, since they are completely opinion pieces. The last post from this guy was in 2010 (as recorded in his profile).

I’m curious what he has been doing since then.

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I read all of what you wrote, don’t worry. You called him “not exactly review smart” (how would you like it if I called you 'not exactly grammar smart?) which isn’t exactly the opposite of calling someone an idiot. Also you accused him of “clear bias” where there really isn’t any. At least none you’re able to indicate, except for declaring an “undertone” you seem to feel is so obvious it doesn’t need any more clarification than that one word.

But yes, if you read whatever you want into it and put words into his mouth you could probably interpret it as… whatever you want. You got me there.

There is a vast difference between not knowing much about a given form and being an idiot.

No need to get into arguments here.


Okay, so what evidence are you basing your assertion that he doesn’t know very much about this form/genre? Was it when he correctly described all of the modes available in the game? Was it when he explained what MOBA’s were? I’d be interested in knowing what EXACTLY makes you feel he’s unqualified to be writing this review, why he isn’t “review smart” and where he mentioned anything relating to CoD whatsoever (even with “undertone” that apparently can only be sniffed out by a bloodhound). The only other game he mentioned was Borderlands, which I think is a pretty fair thing to do in a review about a game by the makers of Borderlands.

Hey. Cool it.

Anyone continuing to post like they’re looking for a fight should expect an official warning.

Perhaps his review isn’t directly applicable to PC users, but how about hard stats?


Do you believe that applies to PC users?
I personally find that information worrisome.


@xxEvoLuTioNxx, Wow, that places it only two spots above Spore at like #193. I hope the console is doing quite well.

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Most reviews these days are poorly done. As a gamer/consumer I could care less whether the reviewer likes the game. I need to know if I am going to like it…if it is worth my time and money. The vast majority of reviewers these days are completely clueless in this regard.

To put a finer point on it, sometimes what the reviewer lists as a negative may be a positive for me or vice-versa as @Elaura alluded to.

I would love to know how much time this reviewer put into the game before writing this. I can tell that alot of people think that this game is a FPS from just how they play the game and I bet that this guy is just the same. Battleborn is a game that requires teamwork and running in and shooting will do nothing but get you killed.

Plus melee can be a little tricky at first but once you get it down and learn to focus on the target it is not hard to ignore all of the extra stuff like graphics and get the job done.

(1000 credits say that this guy is a Overwatch fan.)

I just don’t agree with a lot of points in this guy’s review…

“banal dialogue”

The guy has to be kidding…

He’s obviously never been a soldier as Oscar Mike makes me laugh constantly.

OK…OK…I actually had to lookup “banal” as I’m just a dumb old ex-grunt…

I guess he wants a video game that has:
wild make believe characters
with totally unrealistic and fun abilities
in a cartoon like world

To be all serious and stuff…you know…more Jane Eyre like.

I guess…

But it does seem like a good gig. Play a bunch of video games that are provided for free. Then write a long winded discussion on what various art forms are missing. And making sure you use an extremely large vocabulary to impress.

I want this gig…where do I sign up? And the large vocab thing? Well, I got this new fangled thingy called “Google.”


Honestly I think the reviewer was fair. I don’t like scores with reviews so I’m not going to touch in that but I do feel like he brought up valid points.

As @lazlolonghair mentioned how the review is different from a PS4 vs a PC perspective is is also a review from someone who seems much more of a casual gamer rather than a hardcore gamer.

To an average person 30 minutes to an hour is a lot of time. You can do a lot in an hour. However, to a hardcore gamer an hour can be just another couple waves in CoD Zombies or a single boss in a raid.

I don’t mean for this to come off as critizism but I believe this review is written for casuals by someone who is mostly casual himself.

In points in his review he mentions that the damage indicator isn’t great and I have to agree to an extent. However, if you are a more serious gamer with lots of expierence you can keep track of mostly everything on screen with little to no effort making is easy to notice when and where you are taking damage from.

All in all, I think a 7~ for a casual standpoint equates to “its a good game with its flaws, some greater than others” and “you are likely to enjoy it but there’s is a chance you may not” which is true with practically every game.


Here’s my review:

8 of 10 and working hard at becoming 9 of 10 with all the adjustments/patches/hot fixes/additions…whatever. (and I think it will get there.)

Great writing
Funny and entertaining dialogue
NO other game like it as it combines PvE and PvP and pulls it off pretty darn well
Wild and crazy characters
Expansion ability

To come up with my rating I used my ULTIMATE, scientific, patented and heavily trademarked method of scoring which asks me: “Do I have fun playing Battleborn?”


P.S. I had to adjudicate a -1 point because my friend Hattie hates microtransactions. I personally don’t see the big deal but she’s a lot smarter than me so I just went with it.

I’m an Xbox player so I’m not entirely sure, but didn’t stream change their review system as video game tend to change and more improvements over time?

I think most review systems(?) should use this policy as some expansions and/or fixes can really change a game’s experience drastically.

GB was always really good with the PC side pretty much matching the console side. At least they were in BL2 and TPS.

So I think it’s highly likely they will continue that policy.

There has been a lot of discussion on Patch/update certification on the consoles. But I think it is probably safe to say that it may take a bit of time for the consoles to catch up to the PC the way the changes are coming.

But I do believe they will come.

I really, really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

You folks are awesome, and it’s my pleasure to offer whatever perspective that I can when I have it to give.

“He” for the record, and thank you so much. :slight_smile:

That’s a great way to summarize all criticism in my opinion. Every critique has a kernel of truth in it worth paying attention to, but it’s very rarely “all truth”.


The recent steam review spiraled downward even more since the release of micro-transaction.I kinda agree with the reviewer point tho i would still give this game a 7.

I think that’s understandable as far as the steam review goes. However, I think battleborn can only go up from here. More free content as well as season pass content.

Hopefully the PC playerbase, and consoles for that matter, rise as well.

I’m glad you clarified your first post…the whole thing about always having an aim bot came off as kind of insulting but I see your point about the rest of it.

To me this review was a long way to say he doesn’t like the basic mechanics of the game. To which there’s nothing they could have done different to please him, and apparently he doesn’t like the humor and dialogue so he must’ve not like the BL games. So my question is why is a guy reviewing this game with no previous experience with mobas and also not a fan of the humor of BL games? Makes no sense

The fact that OW got a 10/10 and BB got a 6/10 just means the guy playing OW was probably a big fan of TF2 and the other guy…well I’m having a hard time pointing out what kind of games he likes just by reading this review(sometimes you can tell) but obviously this wasn’t the kind of game he plays