Game Informer's Harsh yet Honest Review

Ok, my two cents here:

Reviews, sorry, but I don’t trust them. Not because the industry is corrupt, and it is (look out those glossing amazing reviews for Overwatch with better notes than The Witcher 3 :confused:) and not because these days are more reviews and critics that are just regular joes in websites or YouTube than profesional critics. It’s because reviews, even the most worked ones that tried to be impartial, are done by people with a certain taste and background in the matter at hand.

I mean, I can see a review for a movie or a videogame or even a book but until I don’t have it in my hands I can’t judge properly, not if is good or bad, but if it is my cup of tea.

That’s the most important thing: You don’t have to try to get something that is perfect or the best, you have to find something that you like.

These days reviews doesn’t look to be in my orbit so much. People pummeled intto the ground both Batman v Superman and X-men Apocalypse and I liked those movies. I know they had errors or things that could be better but heck, I had fun, I was invested. Even when I dislike WoW with passion (I love the three old Warcraft games but WoW since Burning crusade makes me want to vomit in my mouth), I enjoyed the movie.

And about games the same. People hyped a lot about Overwatch but my hype died when I played it on beta. It became a one trick pony that bored me fast. In the other hand I love Battleborn and Paladins from Hi-Rez is something that I play daily and get piss every time a Blizzard fanzombie call it copy of Overwatch or call a character copy for the most absurd reasons (like a jackass in Paladins’ Youtube channel, in a comment, saying Androxus was a copy of McCree… just because both use a revolver. Like a godhunter demon that dashes even in mid air, returns damage while blocking it and with an ult that charge the weapon for a couple of huge hits is the ■■■■■■■ same as a cowboy with a stun and a aimbot instakill ult… ■■■■ logic :confounded:)

But… in conclussion, is that: we are human and even trying to be unbiased, we can’t. That review smells a lot like ‘Not my cup of tea’ and ‘I don’t like it because I don’t have what I want in the game’ and is perfectly good but not as a compass to select if the game is good or not.

Seriously, I love reading the reviews of reviews. I also enjoy reading the opinions of opinions on opinions. There’s a bizarre kind of self feeding loop that occurs that always intrigues me. Like looking into a mirror with another behind you, focusing on the reflection of a reflection.:open_mouth:

That review may not accurately reflect your (or my) personal experience with Bb, but the diminishing player pool does support the fundamental premise of his experience. More people are leaving than are joining, even after the price cut. Which points to problems within the game, not with the reviews.


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No… just no… lol

If that’s how you chose to interpret my addition of the active player stats, there’s nothing I can do about your reaction. All I can say is that wasn’t my intent.

I don’t play overwatch, so I doubt I would run around and rant about it vs Battleborn. I’m sorry you took GI’s review so personally. All reviews are opinions, as we’ve discussed throughout this thread, you really shouldn’t let them bother you so much.

I added the chart to show what’s actually happening with the game despite his, yours, or my opinions. Not in some veiled attempt to prove the legitimacy of someone’s review. That review is just a symptom of a larger issue that is effecting battleborn. That was the point.

So chillax guy, no ill intent here.


who cares. my “professional review” would give it a easy 8.75


You see around here you either love battleborn or you are an overhype fanboy.


I think people left this game due to the matchmaking times but this has been alot better recently,at least from my experience and from what I’ve seen on here, so we really just need to find a way to bring those players back

The sheer amount of flack people get for not saying something positive on these forums is too real. It should be equal parts of for and against when someone has a negative opinion. Instead its polite responses of you are wrong because of XYZ or try XYZ and see if you like the game better. I personally like reading peoples negative opinions because they are honest and helping me understand why people are not playing or upset with the game. That GI review was honest in his opinion and should not be frowned upon.


Never trust a paid review. Minus the queue times, I think BB is a great game. I mean - the game has above average pvp depth and also comes with some pve too that is also co-op. I know these two games are not the same and shouldn’t be compared, but since it was mentioned, I have Overwatch as well - ATBH - Overwatch’s pvp is super shallow - like something I would pay 50 cents at a movie theater to play while waiting for my movie and then forget about it 10 min later. Sure, it looks great but the gameplay - lack of skills - lack of character depth, “refurbished? (salvaged)” story line - the whole LINEAR feel, I mean - there is NO WAY OW should have gotten a 10. OW is a 6-7 at most - BB 8.5.

I feel the gamer community for BB will grow by word of mouth - via friend to friend over time and slowly, but Gearbox, you dropped the ball on promoting this game - I mean hell - I saw commercials for Overwatch - none for BB. I know that’s not how it should be, but remember, people are shallow too.

As to the paid skins and marketplace - doesn’t bother me as long as there is a way to earn them in game via a grind. The small amount of cash is ok too as long as there is a way to earn them in game like I said before - I don’t have a problem supporting a game as long as they deliver on content.

If you want go watch Angry Joe. He pretty much nails the review. He went back and updated BB score and lowered OW - pretty unbiased and valid points.


one of the few “professional review” people that I can listen to.

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Well, I dealt with where I think the GI review is wrong in the rest of my original reply so I’m not going to go over it all again here. Ultimately I don’t expect everyone to like BB but it has not been given a fair shake IMO, which again, I already talked about.

Still object to the Steam chart, it’s unnecessary and besides you’re like the bazillionth person to talk about the Steam numbers, which are what they are and aren’t relevant to us console players anyway.

EDIT: Sigh, my original post has disappeared so let me review briefly.

GI’s major complaints are largely opinions and should not drag down the score as much as they do IMO. He complains about the imperfect campaign. I actually agree it’s not perfect but compared to OW, which has no campaign, I’d rather an imperfect one than no campaign whatsoever. So I would drop BB a point for the flaws in the campaign but I also drop OW a point for lacking a campaign.

He doesn’t like the character dialogue. BB’s humor isn’t for everyone, sure, but again in comparison to OW I find them both to be a wash. They have interesting characters that are all distinct. Both games are equal in that department and personal preference will determine who you like more there. I prefer BB, ISIC is hilarious and Shayne & Aurox are the bomb. Plus in BB you have the lore challenges and campaign to further flesh out characters.

He complains about “ticking” damage but I like that the TTK is higher in BB. In OW it’s too easy to get one or two shotted and then you have to slowly trudge back to the action.

Overall, I’d give both games an 8/10 and what people would prefer is up to their personal choices.

Right on! AngryJoe is my favorite review source for games atm.


This has been surprisingly mild. I expected a much more heated discussion. While it’s obvious that there is bias or something dirty happening with reviews for other games, I really don’t want to compare this game’s reviews to them.

I really don’t like people saying reviewer scores are just their opinion. GI is a perfect example of why. That review will be shown to millions of people. Many of those people will see that number and skip straight over the text. The “opinion” of one person can quite literally have a drastic effect on the sales of any given game. Many people look to review scores for a quick answer as to whether or not they should consider investing their money in something. The point of a review is to be objective, and avoid basing your score on your tastes because you are creating this review to broadcast it to consumers.

If I were a reviewer for a major magazine or website, you better be damned sure that I’d get flak if I said kitchen aid mixers perform really well except they didn’t have the color I like: 6/10.

Sorry for the rant, but reviewers aren’t people just giving their opinions.


It’s called freedom of speech.You can choose who you want to listen to ,but you can’t stop others from voicing out their opinions.It sucks i know.

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Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe some one advocated people not voicing their opinion.

At least not without repercussion from the moderating staff.

If you were referring to the above post, some users did express their concern with the idea of “numeric rating” as it is often used as a non-nuanced standard.

A problem that most reviewers have (and this one as well) with Battleborn is the inability to understand the difference between a CAMPAIGN and a set of coop MISSIONS/modes.
And I feel really that it’s hard to appreciate those reviews due to this. It’s not difficult to understand, yet it seems that most reviewers don’t even get it.
Battleborn DOESN’T have a story campaign. It has story MISSIONS.

Battleborn basically has
25 (+1) heroes to choose from to unlock and play in the following game maps :
6 PvP maps (3 PvP modes * 2 maps each : Capture, Meltdown, Incursion)
8 PvE maps (could be considered as 3 PvE modes : Escort (2 maps), classical boss dungeons (3 maps), and defend objectives (3 maps) ).

PvE maps also tells you the story of several of those characters as well as important events of this verse, hence, the “story” in the name. But not “story campaign”. Story MISSIONS.

That is a correct view of the content. As such, any complaint about the “campaign” not being lengthy, being repetitive, not having save point in the middle, and so on, is inappropriate and just demonstrates the ignorance of the reviewer.
For example, you don’t have save points in GodMode either, and no one can complain about it.
If you play several PvE maps of the same type, obviously it’s going to be the same type of things to do (omg it’s repetitive!). You don’t complain that all CTF maps in UT are about capturing a flag and bringing it back to your base.
And considering they’re one-shot mission, you can’t have them go over 30-45 minutes of content either. So the length is logical. It isn’t a campaign and therefore have no reason to be the same length as a campaign, those are co-op PVE missions that are of appropriate length.

So sorry, but I’ll have to disagree with this review being good. It fails to discern such a basic difference and complain that he didn’t find what he was looking for. If you buy the Witcher 3, don’t complain that there is no rocket launcher in the game.


I would just like to assure you of the following.

At a rate of roughly 3 times a day, we speak to a users where their response is;




Usually followed by threats of never purchasing a product again.

I think much of the issue of the perception that dialogue against the game being stymied or suppressed comes with a situation bias that doesn’t take in to account circumstance.

Let’s play probability, as it were.

User A is content with the game. They’ll express it, but chances are that they will not do so in an aggressive manner. Some do, as they become pro the game to the point where they don’t allow criticism.

User B has a gripe. Sure, they can go about it reasonably, but this category innately has a higher degree on probability theory alone to express their displeasure in a manner which violates forum policy.

It is just the nature of dissent itself. The camp which dissents is the most likely to do so in a manner which violates the policy of the forum, in much of the same way that there are rarely ‘riots’ because some one is so damn content with something.

BB isn’t perfect, and anything which isn’t perfect (which nothing is) should be subject to criticism or we’d still be in the dark ages as a society. There are parts of BB which I myself would change to suit me better, but I’m still incredibly enthused with the product I bought, and content with the hype I myself had generated for it…

If there is ever any issue some one is getting for a dissenting opinion, Flag it IMMEDIATELY. These forums would serve no purpose if the only thing on them were praise for the product. Instead of a forum administrated and moderated by 7 people, Gearbox would just hire a Labrador Retriever with a shirt on that said; “You’re the Grrreatest” and have him run around the offices to be pet.

@teamrandy1027 You seem like you have valid concern with what you feel is an inability to express any dissatisfaction you may have, if ever you feel like your ability to express yourself is being impugned, contact myself or any member of the staff immediately via PM. That goes for everyone else too.


I think he was complaining about effects of review scores to the mass rather than the numeric rating system itself.Well i can summarize it for you.He pretty much said that reviewers should take their reviews more seriously since bad reviews are going to turn off many people.And THIS GI reviewer in particular is the reason why he brought this up.

I really don’t like people saying reviewer scores are just their opinion. GI is a perfect example of why
If I were a reviewer for a major magazine or website, you better be damned sure that I’d get flak if I said kitchen aid mixers perform really well except they didn’t have the color I like: 6/10.


How you choose to interpret “reviews” is entirely up to you, much like the review is entirely up to the reviewer. It’s only value is that which you, as an individual, choose to place upon it.

But one thing I Have noticed, a “good review” is only a review someone agrees with.

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Just wanted to bring up riots that occur when a sports team wins a match / game. They’re so content with winning that they start things on fire and smash everything in their path. :wink: