Game Installation Issues

There was an update for the game that wouldn’t let me update. I uninstalled the game to reinstall it but now I can’t even get the game to reinstall. I have the disc and its currently in my Xbox but for some reason it doesn’t appear in my installed or waiting to be installed.

What happens when you pop the disk out and re-insert it?

Current update version on XB1 is There’s also a hotfix - if you see an in-game message about an update, it’s probably because the hotfix did not get fully installed before you started playing. If that’s the case, simply going back to the main splash screen and waiting a minute or two after signing in before you start a session should be enough time.

I took the disc out, turned my Xbox off and back on, I signed in and waiting a few minutes (just extra measures), I popped the disc in and it said it was isntalling so I waiting a few more minutes and then went to check. It’s not in my queue or anything. On the home screen I tapped on the icon for the game and it took me to the Xbox store where it had install at the top and then buy. I tried to install but it’s not working. It just makes that Xbox A noise and does nothing.

Does the game icon appear in “My Games & Apps”? If so, what do you see when you highlight it and select “Manage” from the Options menu?

It does after I try to install and it looks as though it was completely installed rather than saying “Installing” at the bottom of the icon. Otherwise the icon for the game doesn’t appear in my Ready to Install or My Games.

When I go to Manage, it says everything is installed (game, add ons) however when I try to play it, it says I need to install the game.

When you purchase on physical disk, you have to have the disk in the optical drive to play every time even when the game is installed to your local hard drive. One thing I’ve found with my XB1 is that if I quit a game and leave the disk in, when I restart the game the system doesn’t seem to register that there’s something in the drive at all.

After re-inserting your physical game disk, can you launch the game then?

No, just says the installation has started, doesn’t appear at all and then same thing, when I go to load the game up just says I need to install the game and it takes me to the store.

Update: I believe I got it to work. I ejected the disc and turned my Xbox off then unplugged the power cord from the system. I rebooted my Xbox and then waiting a few minutes, popped the disc in and now, under the icon, it says its installing and its appearing in queue. It also said it had an update!

When in doubt, unplug and plug it back in. Disappointed in myself. Thank you for helping and thank you for your time!

Sounds like the cache got a bit messed up - glad you have it installing.

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