Game is dying... fast

I love this game, but i just checked and it has 2403 players… that’s really bad considering the game came out just over 2 weeks ago.
What can Gearbox do to make the numbers go up? The game needs more players badly, takes me 5-10 minutes to find a game of Meltdown.

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Marketing… or maybe do a free play weekend.

Plz use search function. There are multiple of these threads and they’re all active…


Steam Sale coming June 23rd - should see it 50% off then - followed by 75% off in December steam sale - that should all help.

“BB dying”-topics spring up like shrooms here - there are many “productive” discussions arround this, as @doritosgeenstijl suggested.


It was less before, around 1800. It will peak again around the weekend but the peaks are getting lower and the troughs are getting lower also. I noticed that it reached as low as #85 at the time. I was pretty much right when I stated in an earlier post that it will drop off the top 100 in the next week or so, That is of course unless Gearbox does something drastic to improve the engagement of the players who already own the game but have just give up playing it.

There doesn’t seem to be one problem but a series or pretty serious issues currently plaguing the game. Some people wish to put their heads in the sand and say its all good, Gearbox will fix it but there is a point of no return and we have most likely reached that on launch day when the numbers were unfortunately so low for such a big game. A lot of hard work has gone into this game and I really feel for the developers but in this case if the people who have bought the game, the ones who followed it from the start and waited to get it on launch day have by and large give up on it then what chance does it have from here.

Sure there are still people playing and enjoying it on PC and other platforms and I hope they get to have a great long time with the game but I am looking at a bigger picture here and on the PC and I expect the trends are similar on the consoles is looking quite bleak. This has nothing to do with Outlook, although the timing of that game did not help, this had a lot to do with the design of the game and how gamers have taken to it. If you consider steam charts you can see that there seems to be considerable support for the game from Borderlands 2 fans as their numbers dropped considerably at launch when Battleborn was at its highest but a week later we can already see a steady drop in Battleborn and the fans returning to Borderlands. So out of the gate a decent portion of the fans are likely not to be Moba fans and more Gearbox fans in general (from Borderlands I guess and not from DNF or ACM as they are probably long gone) and probably wont come back unless something spectacular happens.

The fear I had for this game not doing well was the initial launch numbers as I knew this was not going to be a DOTA2 experience and grow over time, but I was hoping the numbers would hold and the game for find a decent quorum and alas it has not. Problems are arising all over the place and this feels like the death by 1000 cuts.

I just wonder what kind of Borderlands game we could have had if they had just not decided to be so bold and create a new market by blending genres again. Lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place and I think they should have spent the bulk of the time on what they do best and experiment with other smaller projects with less time and effort.

I know people don’t like my posts much but I see absolutely nothing that is turning this game around from Gearbox. I am wondering if they have given up already, with such little communication one does wonder.

great marketing idea.

all poeple that buy battleborn get borderlands 3 at 25% off when it is on steam

The game kinda needs a relaunch already. Why do I say that? Well, the game launched in its current state with horribly imbalanced characters, poorly designed maps, buggy story missions that were too difficult, fights that have way too much visual noise in them, and a lack of real personality outside of the characters themselves.

The game needs a lot of things fixed and worked on. It needs polishing. The developers need to polish what they have and re-release it as a new and improved game. Sadly, that’s probably years away if they do it at all. I’ve had fun with the game, unlocking all the different characters, but now that I have them unlocked, I don’t really care to play right now. There is nothing for me to work toward and the matches simply aren’t much fun.

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People are chilling out… with other games it seems.

golly I love this meme

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People chill with other games all the time. The game market is exploding with games right now.

Personally I’m splitting my time with BB, HOTS, Eternal Crusade(early access), Hearthstone, OW(when I could play it), and this damn stupidly addictive Marvel Contest of Champions phone game heh.

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Slowly dying on Steam doesn’t mean it’s dying on consoles.


The only reason I want more people is because I don’t want Gearbox to take a massive financial hit.

The other side of me views this as weeding out people who don’t belong here anyways.

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I actually read that in Isic’s voice.

What is a dead game? Is Titanfall dead? Is R6:Siege dead? Because I’ve heard those terms before on those games yet I’m still playing them.

I consider games like City of Heroes and Infinite Crisis as dead once I am unable to play those games.

Every game forum always has a “Game is dying” thread. But it’s not dying, it’s not dead, it’s just a small community. Which is fine, I don’t care that Battleborn might not be the next big thing. If it keeps a dedicated community like Titanfall, R6:Siege, Wildstar it’ll still be played. I’ll still be playing it with friends.

I highly doubt this game will end up like CoH or Infinite Crisis, it’ll probably just stay small .


Don’t you know? Consoles don’t count!

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I don’t see any point whatsoever in another thread on this topic. Please, at least have a little look to see if your opinion would fit in another thread first. Thanks.

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