Game is freezing, like, really freezing

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I don’t understand people who are saying here that the game is freezing for them when it’s stopping for 1-15 seconds, that’s not the definition of freezing.

Unfortunately the game is freezing, sound is going on, the picture is freezing, I can’t end the task by alt-f4 or via Task Manager without going windows key+tab and making another desktop and ending the task from there.

Windows 10
RTX 2080 Ti, latest drivers.
used to play it on R9 290X card was working fine.
Currently playing on full settings @4k without any slow downs, everything is super fast but the damn game just freezes, not one minute, not two, not more, it won’t THAW, people think that’s a crash, no, to me and by definition a crash is when the game exists suddenly and gives an error, no such thing here. So yes, it’s freezing, what do I do?

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Have you tried lowering your graphics card overclock? I know when I had this issue it was to do with my graphics card being clocked too high(To be clear the clock was stable in the other games just borderlands was crashing it.).

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I did not yet overclock my card.

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I don’t have Win 10, RTX 2080Ti or 4K monitors, so this is just from reading forum posts that others have made.

Have you tried using NVIDIA Control Panel “Manage 3D Settings” to set Power Management Mode to Optimal Power? Some of the posts on the guru3D forums mention having problems with “Prefer Maximum Performance”.

If you are using the 417.35 driver, then you could try looking in that thread.

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It’s already set as such,
also need to mention that sometimes it doesn’t happen for a long time if at all, sometimes it happens within half an hour or so…
I’m running UCP, I’ve checked on steam to recheck integrity it downloaded something like 4 files or something then I re-enabled Patch haven’t tried it yet… read somewhere that it might be due to PhysX then I’ve lowered it from High to Medium still the same thing, it’s weird though it happened several times, and even at this time when it locks up there isn’t even too much action going on screen… and playing with another person it locks them up too, or rather, it keeps playing but as if the game was lagging severely with nothing going on in the game then it kicks them out.
Also resolution or the fact that it’s such a new driver most likely has nothing to do with it, another person I’m playing with has GTX 670 with 1080p and it happens to them occasionally too…

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Try running without the UCP for a while, just in case that is the problem. There are also several trouble shooting threads here you might want to check out. Did you try using that Windows compatibility function on BL2?

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Which Windows Compatibility function on BL2? I mean I know what Windows Compatibility function is, but why would it matter, I’m on Windows 10, the other one is on Windows 7.
Also played a bit more today to check it out, I’ve noticed that after it froze and I switched to another desktop session to end task that my network was lacking internet connection, have a feeling this has to do with it, will try running with LAN settings later for a few longer sessions though I’ve restarted router and reinstalled drivers, well… hoping the problem is internet connection because I’ve seen a few threads regarding freezing because of this…

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This is the one I was thinking of. I know a few people are running BL2 using the WIndows 8 compatibility as a work-around for various problems and thought it would be at least worth trying.

Sounds like you may be narrowing down the cause though - let us know how it goes.

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What I thought it was, wasn’t it… so far I did change compatibility to Windows 8 and so far it works fine…

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In reality, the problem is PhysX, this is still not fixed, any ideas on how to fix it?
Low (Which is pretty much without effects) doesn’t ever freeze, Mid to High always freezes, even in areas that don’t have any action apparently, very often it happens in Opportunity especially…

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I read online to run BD2 in windows 7 compatibility mode, but i still get the same issue as xvampirex, do you think running it in windows 8 compatibility mode will do any difference?

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It’s worth a shot. Partly, it’s going to depend on the specific hardware configuration of your machine (and, therefore, which drivers are going to work best for you.) I know several people are, in fact, running in Win8 compatibility mode.

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