Game is fun but games with alani are not fun, not fun at all

if you go up against a team (god forbid a premade) who has alani, and you dont… its 100% loss rate.

for me at least.

u cant compete.

she does everything

shes thin, hard to hit


can heal
can nuke
can cc
can escape

meanwhile im rath and all i can do is dps.

i cant escape. i cant cc except for once and once my cc is over im squishy and die in 3 hit
i cant nuke, because i can still get stunned or counterd in my ultimate, but alanis level 1 ability cant be countered.

its just not fun and i hope u do the right thing, i wonder what is taking u guys so long?

every single game i play aginst alani i can hear the team mates raging about how OP she is, we always lose, we always have rage quits.

not fun, not cool.

i will never drop 20 dollars to pay your op characters and every day i think about going to overwatch more and more. lol

We already know she’s being adjusted. There are plenty of existing threads to use. You made another thread like this just last night which was closed for that reason.

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And she also releases tomorrow for everyone.

I won 4 games today where the other team had an alani and we didn’t, just saying its more than her if you loose.

But as others brought up as well there are many threads on her being OP and gearbox had said they are adjusting her.

So please use existing threads for this topic.

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