Game is garbage because of klesse

I used to like this game a lot during beta and release. Idk when they buffed Klesse but I have tried to play this game a few times again over the past month and his ability to just camp a crucial spot and be I kills me except by the 3v1 is retarded. It is so bad I will never touch another gearbox game becuase it is that dumb. Any moron with klesse can camp a spot and laugh at anyone who tries anything against him ever u less it is 3v1 and they kill his gates before he melts everyone. Can’t even express how God freaking retarded this bs is. Never used to be like this. Game is dead and worthless.


soooooo…you’re saying that he’s not supposed to be a territorial character?

im saying this game used to be fun and Every game now is the same retarded BS with klesse camping one spot and no one ever being able to do anything about it becuase he body blocks his gates and gets healed for insane amounts while he melts ppl in 3 seconds.Territorial does not mean you can hold off an entire team at a choke points just becuase you melt everyone and you body block ppl from killing gates that make you nearly invulnerable unless 3 characters are dpsing you at once which doesn’t happen at good choke points.

Honestly this is one of the most embarrassing excuseds for balance I have ever seen in any video game ever and I have played more than most people. No game from this company is worth any money ever becuase no one should be subjected to such a brain dead retarded idea of balance. Seriously someone should lose a job becuase I’m never looking at any gearbox game the same again ever.

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lemme just ask this, have you ever played kleese? or are you simply ranting?


By your comments alone your are clearly not worth taking seriously. I’ve played klesse at least twice before but nothing about what was said requires anyone to play him in order to witness. Anyone who doesn’t attack the logic of arguments isn’t Somone to pay attention to like you. The fact a character can hold a crucial location with nothing but mechanics alone that make him nearly unless you take down his gates which he can body block at choke points or you have your whole team is brain dead; end of story. I’ve seen this in multiple games and see it is a common enough complaint starting right from when he got buffed. Can you do 2+2=4 becuase this is really just that simple and obvious. Who care if played this game 5 times of thousands; the truth is clear for anyone with a brain.

Gearbox is dead to me because of this retardation and i USED to like this game a lot. That is all that needs to be said and in my entire life of playing nearly every game worth its salt or there I have very rarely seen something that poorly thought out.

so…you’re saying because I ask questions rather than blindly agreeing i’m not worth taking seriously, fair enough. but i’ll also say that toxicity like this is sad. instead of just deciding you didn’t like the game, you had to come voice your opinion. and why did you take such a dislike you said? over one character. doesn’t that seem kind of silly?


He’s territorial. Play Ghalt and pull him, and he’s done. He has no escape, real mobility, and either mediocre to bad CC or no burst damage. Grab someone with an AOE and run behind him or place it behind him on his rifts. Additionally, he was always supposed to have this much, there was just a complicated bug preventing it. He is a little strong, but if you’re shooting him when he’s powered up, that’s not his fault. Actually, it sounds like you just hate his kit. He could do the same thing before the buff. Now he just doesn’t die as fast when he’s caught out of position, which he shouldn’t be anyways.


Clerly you can’t read either. Your response was to question the poster rather than the logic of the facts.

does it take 3 average dps to kill him with his gates up? Pretty much at least becuase he can kill one of those 3 so damn fast anyway.

Can klesse hold choke points becuase it’s hard for an entire team team to not body block each other to get dps on him? Yes.

Does he also melt ppl in 3 seconds? Yes pretty much unless you are very tanky.

So is klesse a character worth 3 of anyone else while he has his gates up that he can body block and make stupidly difficult for anyone to kill while he melts them in 3 seconds? Yep.

It’s a repeated complaint since he was Buffed so why are you so dumb you don’t see the clear cause and effect here? It’s not like this comes from nowhere; it comes from the fact klesse wasn’t particularly weak before he buff and almost doubling his Health with his regen ability and ability to do murderous dps while body blocking gates that keep
Him alive more easily becuase he can move through them now is 100% dumb by any objective standard. How can this not be retarded? Seriously go waste your time some where else and stop making a fool of yourself defending the undefendable by launching personal attacks instead of debating facts that can’t be defended.

I watched 3 games where 3v1 didn’t matter because he body blocked his gates at a choke point where he can’t get sniped and melted people in seconds. That was just today; it’s been the same for the past 2 weeks the 3 or 4 times I tried it out again.

I don’t care what his kit is; no character should be able to do that and I have almost never seen anything had so retarded in any game ever and clearly it’s not an individual players ability after 3 games in a row. Again I used to like this game and now it is worthless.

No character should basically be that invulnerable against 3 or more people just becuase he is in a good spot where he can’t be sniped and just laugh at almost anything the other team does just becuase they don’t have ghalt. Gearbox has screwed up so bad they will take years to really live this down. It is so stupid this game is worthless and a waste of space on my ps4 and the moment I need memory for something else it will be the first thing to go at this juncture and i will never pay a cent for anything gearbox ever puts out ever again.

but the reason I question is you didn’t say facts, you used subjective anecdotal evidence as a rant saying how much you hate the game over one character? you can be I’m going to question. but instead of simply answering or giving any answer to the questions or suggestions you start attacking people over not agreeing with you.

you posted a rant about a character being way too powerful and invulnerable in his rifts and needing 3 attackers to kill him…

you’re attacking people for not agreeing with you blindly. kleese is a character who’s incredibly effective, but AOE’s can be called a hard counter for him.


Idk what you want me to say; unless you disagree with the fact it takes 3 ppl to kill klesse (with his gates), and maybe not even that will work because can melt one in 3 seconds and body block the other 2 from killing his gates, we have nothing to discuss at all and I haven’t heard anything from you that disagrees with those pertinent facta and just sad attempts at staging attacks over elitism playtime which are worthless really.

I attack people for not arguing the facts and trying to mislead which is all such comments deserve if not even way more vitriol than I’ve offers becuase such people are the cancer of the human race really. Argue facts and not subjective nonsense. You can disagree and then again we don’t have much to discuss. You have one opinion and I can have another clearly as a result of the changes made to a game that never had anything wrong with it to begin with. With the added fact on my side this game is consistently unplayable and brain dead stupid that makes me despise gearbox. Clearly you didn’t hate this game before they buffed klesse so it shouldn’t be that strange even to you. The fact it does so for other people does say something about how dumb those changes are regardless of any opinion you have .

Honestly what is more unreasonable that anything is making unnecessary changes and wondering why they might have had negative effects. They usually do. It’s not like klesse was the least played character; pretty far from it really. If he clearly was at least decent before how does almost doubling his health (in mind that allows to him to regen twice as much effectively too if not more) not make him sound op as freaking hell? Duh. This is actually so basic Idk how to not think of less of people who don’t start by acknowledging these facts.

Bouncing mortar damage is a legitimate issue. Hell they should of addressed the helix for mortar damage based on shield after they gave him so much more HP.


Don’t call people stupid, even when they seem like it. You wanna stop playing over kleese? Go for it. You wanna reasonably Discuss this like an adult? Look at the threads that already exist for him. Creating duplicates is just more effort for the mods. And using a match as an example is not fact. Even multiple matches are still just a trend. Does it make Caldarius super op because I used him three times in a row and smashed with him each time against (some of) the same people? Nope. It’s a trend of badaasery, but not fact.

Again though, there are other threads already. Search em.


Battleborn is what one might call a living game. That means it is always changing. So after the devs hear people’s input and observe the data it’s likely that they will make changes if the data suggests that they are needed. If Kleese is indeed overperforming then changes will be made. If the data shows otherwise then nothing will change.

If it really bothers you so much then maybe take a short break from the game and pop in after the next patch. Check in and see what’s in the patch notes and perhaps what you see will be to your liking. If something in the game is broken the devs will do their very best to fix it.

This is Gearbox we’re talking about here and they’re very passionate and dedicated when it comes to making games so they won’t leave it in a bad spot.


Being angry about something doesn’t mean you get to ignore the the forum rules.

Please read them before posting again, as we don’t allow such hostility and rudeness here.