Game is getting worse?

Yes and no on that one. Yes in that the RNG mind f*ck that is M3 is limited to two modifiers now; one for the player and one for the enemy. But no in that the damage scaling is based on data GBX collected via SHiFT that told them what end game player power looked like.

That’s kinda one of the points. They are making the game just like BL2 where everyone and their mother was forced to run the same gear and build. No diversity at all. They basically completely eliminate gear the way the game is now. Everyone scampering for the same gear for the same builds. What is exciting about that.
Example - I used to go to Magic tournaments and play a deck i built from scratch that was very unique. Not a copy kat of a tourney winning decks like most people bring. While i never got to the finals, i always came close and always went home knowing i built a great deck that was competitive, It felt good. You can’t say that about BL3, everyone basically uses the same couple of builds. We need more diversity, more fun. Stop making the game so hard everyone is forced into the same gear and builds. Fix the stats, add better diversity and gear to Skills synchronicity and stop nerfing it when people do find great combos.


I apologize that my explanation was not specific enough. Thank you for the clarification.

Game was a dumpster fire from the start. Every hotfix made it worse. M4 is a joke it is almost exactly like m3 was with lower drop rates. Takedown was a bad idea to begin with there is no way to reward that kind of time investment. Even if you cheating that’s a long run to get a few crappy legendarys. If they want to turn borderlands into a dungeon crawler they going to need to add a different kind of loot system.
The difficulty of takedown is a step in the right direction but you can not just add difficulty for the sake of it there has to be adequate reward for it. Bl2 had this problem too some of those bosses were hard playing legit and dropped nothing. But long dungeons or raids usually have loot far beyond world drops.


My problem with M4 is that you are locked into very specific annointments and gear to get there. In M3, I feel like there are more options and different builds to get through. In M4, you almost have to have “50% elemental damage after ASE” on as many items as possible and maybe even a 100% weapon damage after ASE, too. Its damage annointments or bust.

Also, I don’t even bother dedicated farming. I just farm Graveward on M4 and just pray I get some annointed gear. I dont target specific builds, I just use whatever build the game gives me. Its just too much wasted effort and I don’t have 4-10 hours a day to grind.


To me what you are describing here is the fact that in BL3 there is place for everything. Normal story mode is the place for whites and greens and blues. TVHM and M1 is the place for epics and messing about with anointments. M2/M3 is the place for legendaries with or without anointments because anointments aren’t strictly required; because when you can 1 shot bosses on M3 with all negative modifiers then it’s time for a real challenge. So M4 is where we take all that sweet sweet anointed loot and the amazing ways we can combine them for a real challenge. That sounds like good game progression to me. But that’s just me. We can disagree and still be friends. :grin:

Great idea. I too don’t do the thing you don’t do! :laughing:

If you are on Epic/PC you are welcome to partake of my bounty. There are also Discords. The two I’ve had success with is @flightx3aa (aka ThiccFilA) Zane Nation discord and Moxsy’s.



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Do I think the game is worse because they gave us M4 which did what we asked by providing more difficulty without randomly crapping on our specific builds? No.

Do I think the game is worse by adding extremely fun and very difficult content (Blacksite)? Um no.

Do I think the jump/slide anoints have polluted the pool with more stuff hardly anyone will use? Yeah that makes things a little worse.

Do I think all the crazy bugs made the game worse for now? Guardian ranks, broken skills like Quick breather etc… Yes.

Do I think the current drop rates being progressively worse over time and dedicated pools completely missing the mark made the game worse for now? Yeah a little bit.

Overall is the game worse then launch day? Not by a longshot.


I think there is a general consensus of what works and doesn’t for each character. I can speak through Moze (most experience) There isn’t just one build that works. I’m a spastic ADD, red bull fueled psychopath that has to keep moving or I get bored. Running deathless/bloodletter and waiting for stuff to die destroys my soul, yet there is a high average of people that complain about drop rates for a specific build toward Moze. Generally they see it on YouTube. I think people mistake those builds, although strong, are the end game. They don’t have to be. I run some weird stuff and murder bosses on M4. There also is a want to run characters like Amara in Takedown. You aren’t going to see the success with other characters because they are different. That’s ok. You find your niche and roll. You don’t have to be stuck in the same builds to succeed unless you want to.

That being said Takedown sucks because half the time you can’t even get in a match. I have faith they are going to fix it. It’s pretty crazy they released this game and had Cap Haunt and Takedown added for free, and announced a new DLC next week. It’s been 87 days since the game was released lol. Something is going to break.

Guardian ranks would have made M4 pretty boring. When they are brought back, you are going to see a ton of variety of builds opened up. I think every would agree M4 would have been cake if they were still in the current game. Anyways, didn’t mean to get long winded. I just think people need to have some patience and let them work out the kinks. I have definitely got my money’s worth so far.


Totally agree with this. I think because there are so many combinations of gear / prefixes / annointment GBX couold do a weekly event where they let players buy statically rolled pieces of gear. Give players a reason to use money/eridium and also give them a way to get a couple of good pieces of gear without having to grind 500 years for it.

So, basically buff vending machines operated by Marcus and Earl. This might work, especially for folks who are not trying to get perfect items - getting interesting item with decent anointment might be enough.

This is a pretty cool idea! In the Destiny 2 world the name for statically rolled pieces of high tier gear is called curated rolls. That would be pretty sweet indeed.

To add to your idea (I’m just spitballing here :grin:) I don’t think we should be able to buy it outright. I think we should have to pay eridium to play a harder version of a trials map and the reward for completing it with all the optional objectives met is the curated roll of whatever the loot of the week or month is.

So, like D3 Greater Rifts? I wouldn’t mind paying Eridium to go to another zone for a challenge. I would also hope they give us another reason to explore the Borderlands 3 world as I don’t like having to run one specific set of content just because its the most rewarding (currently, M4 Graveward). Improving dedicated drops would give us all a reason to explore and do different stuff.

I want to farm an Its Piss grenade but, without an annoinment, it will be mostly useless and getting that annointment is incredibly hard.

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the new 50% elemental dmg on ase annointment on shield and grenade helped a bit too :slight_smile: ^^


I must say didnt think so many people gonna reply in the post. I like the way everyone share their opinion in a civilized manner. Maybe it will help game (I think im safe to say we all love) better. So everyone can have fun in it. Happy gear hunting everyone

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I agree in that I think the game is almost unrecognizable from what it was at launch. I was one of the people who enjoyed the game the way it was. BL3 is my first foray into the series. All of the builds that people are saying you can use for MH 4 are either built on rare annointments/ items or require you to play in odd ways (I.e. : jumping out of your mech or setting yourself on fire). It’s not organic gameplay. It works but it’s not fun IMHO. I also think that what works in MH4 doesn’t necessarily work in the take-down. I can kill Graveward in MH4 with my Fl4k with no problem but I’m definitely taken down a peg when I attempt the take-down.

Some builds require new items locked behind the new content. That would be okay except that about 3/4 of my attempts to do the take-down are met with error codes in matchmaking and when I was able to get matched into a take-down, it’s with less than four people and/or by the time you get to the Valkyries, a couple will die and they just leave because it’s a long ass time to spectate. I’ll admit that I’ve made it to Wotan solo in MH4 but not been able to defeat him.

So if this content is anywhere near what it is supposed to be then it was designed with a very elite group in mind and isn’t for me. That’s fine but since I still love this game at the moment, I hope they design more content for scrubs like me going forward. Especially since I already paid for the season pass.

I have spoken.


Yes, I agree that the game is getting worse, because I don’t like the direction they’re going in. I was really looking forward to the Maliwan Takedown patch, but I don’t like playing in teams, so I finished it a couple of times on M4 and never looked at it again and besides some great quality of life changes, the rest of the patch was very underwhelming balance wise for me.

I also agree with a lot of people that M4 just doesn’t feel balanced at all. I really liked the fact that they implemented the modifiers the way they did with M4, but they went WAY overboard with the health changes, IMO. M1-3 feels worse than M4, because you still get the randomness of the modifiers, but M4 feels terrible because you feel forced to only use the most powerful guns you have in order not to take forever to kill enemies.

With the amount of gear this game has to offer and the fun you can have with trying different builds, I really don’t like how every challenging difficulty mode forces you into certain gear choices. You either go for cool, niche builds on M1-3 that only work half the time because of the modifiers, or you go with the most overpowered build for your character in order to deal with the tedium of M4. Both are not fun, IMO.


With the amount of gear this game has to offer and the fun you can have with trying different builds, I really don’t like how every challenging difficulty mode forces you into certain gear choices. You either go for cool, niche builds on M1-3 that only work half the time because of the modifiers, or you go with the most overpowered build for your character in order to deal with the tedium of M4. Both are not fun, IMO.

You just described diablo 3 in a nutshell. Its funny that gearbox wants to try so hard to make this game diablo 3 with guns but everything that makes diablo fun they are ignoring. Its so fkin awful that its almost comical.


To be honest I do. I find absolutely no joy in this game. It’s so damn repetitive. Idk maybe I’m getting older but I find it hard to finish the raid. Not cause it’s to hard, but just not fun

I’m having a hard time getting back into BL3, there’s a lot of negative’s and I still have trauma from the freakin Ghost Skulls. Not the scary kind of trauma, just the kind that makes the game stink.