Game is pretty balanced as is!

I’m going to say it. The more I play, the less unbalanced the game seems.

Battlecruisers, Destroyers, Torpedo Frigates, Gravity Well Generators, so on = a lot of people think these units are Over Powered. However, they can all be countered effectively (especially on larger maps).

It seems one of the problems is that players don’t scout enough = they don’t even try to build fleet combinations to deal with threats before they are present on the battlefield. If a BC shows up at your MS + Shipyard because you A) didn’t deal with the threat earlier or B) didn’t build a Gravity Well Generator, and (if you aren’t just ambushing them with cloak + bombers + marine frigates/salvage corvettes) you really screwed up!

PLUS, I only see a few players using advanced units like defense fighters/cloak generators/field frigates/mine layers/salvage corvettes/marine frigates! These units need to be used more!

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You must not have ever played HW1 to think this game is balanced.


I really hate the fact that you have to activate the defensefield frigate for the Taiidans, and not like an always active as in the old HW1.

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You are just making an assumption based on nothing and then putting it out here as if you have some deeper understanding of my position. We now know that you are a guy who makes stuff up! How can anybody take your comments seriously?

By the way, you are wrong. I played HW1 for years…as well as Cataclysm and HW2.

Notice I say “pretty balanced”, not “perfectly balanced”. The problem is that perfectly balanced will always be subjective = perfect for one guy is horribly unbalanced for another. As it is, any race can win…it comes down to skill. In my books, that counts as “pretty balanced”.

Certainly, the factions are not symmetrical (HW1 factions are symmetrical, but we are comparing HW1 to HW2 here)…but who would want that? That of course makes ‘balancing’ a complex concept. So, I realise that HW1 strike craft and corvettes aren’t what they should be…but Defenders and Defense Fighters are pretty darn good. Gravity Well Generators and/or Drone Frigates are very powerful and can address any fighter/corvette imbalance. Double production (plus superior harvesters) can outpace HW2 races production for quite a while. No need for Hyperspace Modules, can’t see what HW1 factions are building/researching by looking at their modules, and so on = lots of advantages for the HW1 races.

Anyway, all factions have advantages/disadvantages…if you understand them better than your opponent, odds are you will win; regardless of what faction you play.

Avoid talking about one another and just talk about the game.

I’m saying that for a while, i’m clocking 120 hours on multiplayer playing as Kushan (@paradoxnrt you know i’m doing fine :stuck_out_tongue:) and i can say that the game is balanced, need some tweaks, like reduce the scouts cost (85 ru sounds good), increase defenders cost (130 ru), reduce the production time for adtional carriers (right now it takes forever), reduce the production time on aditional research ships (the first one should stay as it is), a little buff in HCs armor (that should go along with some cost increase), things like that, just minor changes.

Now we have one exception… FRIGATES, ohhhh man those are soooooooooooooo bad, they need some heavy buff on the armor, that should go along with time to build and cost changes though.

The big problem I have with BC’s is that salvage corvettes cannot consistently lock on to them. I often use salvettes to immobilize BC’s and then maneuver outside of their firing arcs (works better for Hiig). I lost a game (or at least lost any chance of a win) because my 8 salvage corvettes wouldn’t latch on to and immobilize a hiig battlecruiser. However, the fact that 3 HC’s stand no chance against 3 fully upgraded BC’s (as they should be, if the player is still indicative a bad balance.

They should at least allow the HW1 players to make upgrades to its ships too.

I too have experienced issues like this with salvagers when a target ship is oriented at very abnormal angles (bow pitched up and ship rolled to the left a bit). Also latching with marine and infiltrator frigates can sometimes stall for far too long before the process actually starts.

Would be nice if this stuff was made smoother and more reliable.

How ignorant you are…the game may seem balanced at first if you’re comparing HW1 races to HW1 races and HW2 races to HW2 race.

But that doesn’t change the fact that HW1 corvettes can’t aim, HW2 races have upgrades that make their HW1 equivalent units fall behind, HW1 research is slow and expensive. HW1 races have nothing to counter corvettes of HW2 races since assault frigates and heavy 'vettes can’t hit…so HW2 races gain strike craft space superiority, and just win the game.

This is a slippery slope since you can essentially dismiss any race deficiencies or imbalances under the guise that superior skill would win out and make said race work.

Currently, I would argue that in a situation where two players have more or less the same skill level and experience, the HW2 race is more likely to win over the HW1 race.

I’m not sure if the context you’re trying to convey with this is either:

  • Corvettes don’t work well, but you have these other strong strategies/units you can use until corvettes are buffed.


  • Corvettes don’t work well, but you have these other strong strategies/units you can use so it’s balanced.

If your argument was based on the second point then this is a very poor way to balance a game - leaving unit X underpowered and unviable because unit Y is strong.
The fact is there’s almost no reason to build light/heavy/multigun corvettes at all instead of defender spamming or gravwell generators combined with assault/drone frigates.

All units should should be balanced to be viable and feasible in their own right but the HW1 corvettes are in a state where they are in need of buffs to make them effective. The same has also been demonstrated for most of the HW1 frigates.

Yes asymmetrical balancing is difficult to juggle between races but there are certain benchmark factors you can use, such as RU efficiency, to compare them and make appropriate balancing judgement calls.

Well, let’s separate things, for me this is game is balanced stats wise, with just some need of tweaking (except frigates, that need a total rework on stats, never get tired of saying that lol), but when it comes to gameplay, HW1 got some serious problems, corvette is the biggest one.

Definitely the first. I fully realise that the HW1 strikecraft/corvettes need to be fixed. But stat wise, it should be okay (balanced) once they are fixed. Until then, there are options to cover for a lack of (non-defender) strikecraft/corvettes.

Agreed with Kadeshi! While both HW1 and HW2 frigates kind of suck (HW1 more so), they are balanced (in suckiness). But to make them viable units, some buffing might be in order.

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this is the one and only Gbox forum thread i will bother to respond to, i agree, the game is pretty balanced, anyone drawing parallels to hw1 (or cata) need to realize that was a completely different kind of game to hw2, and u cant expect it to ever become like that, best u can get is something like FX mod without totally ruining the balance of stock factions (this is my subjective opinion) , i feel like the “balance” mods out there are just ppl cloaking themselves in the flag of justice (claiming to represent the “community” or (subjective) “balance” and using it to justify arguing for their own pet unit buff projects

Waaaaaaaaay more lol

Okay, waaaaaaaaaay more it is! lol

Now you Sir are making stuff up. Of course it is possible to play with either race and win. That’s a fact. I only play hw1 races and win most of my games. BUT I’m forced to use salvage rush and “steal” enemies carrier and other capital class ships in order to win.

I’ve been playing homeworld series from the beginning since I was 12. I can treat it as it is my 2nd father. Now I will ask you few questions and please answer me them, so that I will be sure that you’re neither stupid, nor a troll.

Have you ever compared both classes of the same ships from both races? In either way hw1 is outclassed when it’s using the same class. For instance interceptors. Not working formations tend to deal a huge impact on their accuracy and efficiency.

Even using heavy corvetts is troublesome. Have you ever tested them vs fighters? 50 heavy corves cannot defeat 70 fighters. They just fly around without even firing. Their AI is broken as they think that they are gunships.

Have you tried assault frigates? The most useless ship of all. It has 4 cannons and 2 plasma launchers. It is supposed to be anti corv and used to be good vs frigates. And now? When firing I’ve noticed that it even isn’t facing it’s opponents straight!!! Therefore not using it’s plasma launchers and not tracking so well.

HW1 class doesn’t have any viable ship to counter frigs like torp frig and heavy missile frig. Not at the beginning. There is ION frig, which takes too long to develop.

Not to mention that in the long run hw1 ships are outclassed by hw2 upgrades and speed of manufacturing for instance bcs. With improvement production upgrade you don’t have any problems vs hw1 race. It’s building pace is unbelievable so stop bringing up the argument of dual production.

We are forced to play with broken race. I only bought the game for hw1. I never liked hw2. I hated its squadrones, its storyline, idiotic research reasons in the storyline. The whole supremacy of bcs and how fast they can be brought into battlefield. Try to think outside of the box with this. We are forced to use rock paper scissor tactics which don’t quite work and cannot counter with the same strat because all of our ships are outclassed by hw2’s.

If you have played HW1 then you will know that the HW1 races are vastly underpowered compared to the H2 races in MP. I cannot see how YOU cannot see that!

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Okay, everyone, go back and read what Kitty said.

Warnings being given to those who can’t manage that.

I’m going to have to disagree with you here. The game balance can’t even begin to be discussed until the HW1 races are fixed.

I say this because I’m tired of seeing my 8 assault frigates taking 3 minutes to kill ONE corvette squad, caught in a gravwell, dead in space, because they are piloted by captains who think shaking their booty is gonna be cool.

I say this because I’m tired of seeing mass HW1 ICFs turn to the side when given an attack move order to show how awesome their profile is rather than try to get a shot in while moving.

I say this because I’m tired of seeing scouts, interceptors, corvettes; light, heavy, and multi swimming around their targets like a fly to honey or a moth to flame, only to get burned because that is ALL they are doing.

I say this because I am tired of seeing any capital ship take SOOOO much more damage from the back than was ever intended because the engines “shield” the ship from the actual damage .

I say this because I’m tired of telling my ships “DON’T SHOOT THE DESTROYER/CARRIER/BC I JUST SALVAGED SO I CAN CAPTURE IT!!!” only to have them ignore the command because Hey, they know what’s better for me, and hey, it’s red lets shoot it.

Until these and other similar issues are resolved, balance is so far from my mind it doesn’t even matter.

Yeah I win most games, but it is because I know the race I play so much better than most of my opponents that it isn’t even a fair fight. Those that I lose are invariably because the BC is just too out of whack, HOWEVER I don’t think any changes can be made until the above examples are fixed.

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