Game is still broken

After 1 day and 3 hours of time played on my siren, and almost completed the main story, my progress was lost, I went to log in with my character, and for some odd reason, I was at the first mission you get in the game. I thought this was a bugg, so I re-opened the game, but not a bugg, I was literally at the first mission. So I thought that maybe if I played the mission and went to Sanctuary it’ll give me the pop up if I want to skip the missions I’ve already done, so I tried this, I got to the second area, almost at the 2nd boss, and my game froze. Didn’t crash, just froze, didn’t do anything for 30 minutes. So I quit the game, re opened it, and when I joined, I didn’t had a mission, at all, I couldn’t progress to the boss, nor could I talk to the NPC’s to get the quest. So once again I quit the game, and open it again, and now, I’m back at the beginning.
A day goes by, and I go to try again, and literally the same thing happens. What the hell is this bugg, and is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to loose over 24 hours of progress!

I dunno but that’s some BS right there! And gearbox won’t let u know if they are aware of the issue because i have not seen them post ONE time in these forums saying anything like we are working on it. They have a severe lack of communication. But the moderators assure us that GB knows of the issues but it is still nice to see it first hand. Well good luck to ya :smiley:

That really sucks dude. Not sure what to tell you other than turning on cloud saves perhaps? See if maybe that will prevent you from losing your data? You can do this in the Epic launcher settings. This is a pretty scary bug. Good luck.

It indeed is some BS. My friend, which is the one Im playing with told me to create a new character and try, and so far, hasnt frozen. So something is broken with my character’s file :slight_smile:

I had this feature on the whole time, to prevent this kind of issue

Turn Cloud save off. there are a lot of people that have lost their game due to crappy cloud save. I guess you are on PC?

Wait what? Cloud save isn’t in addition to a local save? That seems idiotic.

yep… it really is silly. check out the tech issues section of forum. loads of people having issues

At the moment im done playing the game until they fix the issue that is causing my xbox to crash its a great game but there is so much that needs fixing

Yep i am getting no loading from the pc end of my game. It hangs on the title screen so the cloud saves are probably the issue hopefully. Man this game has so many issues its unreal.

I tried turning it off, but it still gave me the issue. Right now seems like I have to restart the whole game, and it’s annoying because I can’t do damage xD, after 27 hours of gameplay I was already almost oneshoting most enemies, so going back to, having to throw 3 clips at a single normal enemy, makes it so tedious to replay… But at least you don’t loose the skins…

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Back up your local saves after every play session

USER > Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > Savedgames

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With all this corrupted file crap going on I took your advice Ugatz and made a batch file to easily back up my saves regularly so I don’t get screwed. If anyone else wants to do this and doesn’t know how it’s pretty easy.

Open up notepad++ or whatever notepad program you use and create a file with this inside:

@echo off
set backup=xcopy /s /c /r /y

echo insert witty comment about what you are doing to be displayed on the screen
%backup% “complete path to B3 folder containing save files*.sav” “complete path to where you want the backup file copied”

echo insert witty comment that the backup is complete


For instance this is mine without the commentary above for clarity:
edit the forums are messing up the code so here is a picture instead:

Here is the result:

Make sure you save the file as a .bat file and not a .txt file.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for you doing something horribly wrong and somehow deleting something, formatting your c: drive or opening a worm hole and disrupting the space time continuum.

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I mean…I copy paste mine onto the desktop but this is pretty cool.

You REALLY want that file backed up. Good stuff man.

Yeah, I mean this basically just does the same thing but you don’t have to worry about navigating into the folder or naming new files or hitting confirmations to overwrite the old backup file etc…

You could also add multiple save commands to the batch file to backup other game save files as well with just a click of one button.

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