Game is still lagging

WTF i’m buying nvidia GeForece 960 GTX 4Gb , and game is still gagging on maximum settings,… How this graphic crap can lagging??? How can i return money and buy overwatch??!

Now i’m try rainbow six siege on ultimate with high texture pack , no lags… How u did it?

What’s your point? GTX 960 is not remotely a high-end card. It’s literally half a 980. You shouldn’t be attempting to run maximum settings with that if you expect decent performance.

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i noticed some lag yesterday on xb1. split second lag with commands.

u are full??? High end card for battleborn??? Abou u man, take rest… GTX 960 4 GB overhead for this graphics. Siege run GOOD in maximum with hight texture pack

Yes, if you want to max out the graphics on Battleborn, you need a high end card. People look at the cartoony, colorful graphics and think that means they are simple, but this is not the case.

How Rainbow Six runs is irrelevant.

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no it’s bad optimization engine 2013 years/// high end card?