Game is total broken afte rlast patch

ITS really super work how many new bugs glith is in game now .after 2 day i find first party to malivan and at last boss after 40min fight all CONNECTION LOST total rofl pets stuck in place ,enemy in textures ,invisible death enemy still shoot to all in party ,enemy have trillions hp shield armors drop total crap zero fun zero loot,OMG unplayable menu still super freezing lags .
I kill 30x destroyer in M4 and dont see any new weapon and when i see on twitch what crap is new items i no need it GRATZ gear next perfect work to lost many players again

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next run super lags pets stuck doing nothing, weapons cant reloaded, jetpack enemy stuck in texture,invisible enemy,and best is when we have first boss host leave adn all lost 4-6 legendary HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

At this time the game is unplayable and is quite broken.
I was looking forward to Maliwan, but right now I have lost all interest for myself, just like what is to come.
Everything has a limit, and these have already been overcome long ago.


next test run super party at boss game total freeze crashed and blue screen TOTAL ROFL i stop play this game and i go back after months this is crazy i see all bugs what IS fixed still and many many new rofl how can gearsoft write we repair we fix then nothing repair .

Not only that, but performance seems to be even worse than before…

The only reason why I decided to not uninstall this game yet, it’s because I don’t want to download it again, in case Gearbox is finally ready to end his paid beta.

Honestly, I lost all motivation to play this game right now… I launched the game recently, and after struggling over performance issues and lag everywhere, I just decided to quit after playing for like 20 minutes and I don’t think I’ll be playing it for a while.

How can an AAA developer screw up this bad with their best seller IP??

I guess I’m gonna send a job application to Gearbox, because apparently you don’t need to have a lick of programming skill to work for them.


did you say you were leaving

Read my post above… and I never said I was leaving. I’m just not playing this game again until this ridiculous paid beta is over and the game is actually playable.