Game is unplayable at 4-6fps on GTX 970 with i5 6600K

I tried out battleborn during the beta but I only got around 4-5fps on all settings. I have a GTX 970, an i5 6600K, 8gb ddr4, etc. If I monitor GPU activity it seems like battleborn does not even use it. I don’t even have the drivers for my mobo graphics installed yet my 970 shows almost no activity. I’ve already tried updating my drivers yet it did nothing. If I try to force it to use my 970, the 970 is the only gpu even detected. IDK wtf is going on, this is the only game i’ve ever come across that I cant run.

I was really looking forward to trying this game, but now there is no way I will buy it if I cant even play the beta to see if it’s any good.


Sorry to hear that.

It ran fine on my system, here are my spec’s

CPU: i7 2600K
RAM: 8.0 GB
GPU: 580 GTX

So as you can see your hardware is a few Generations newer.

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I am the grumpy old troll, who lives under the bridge!

Yeah, some folks ran the game fine

And some encountered OP’s problem, like me with my GTX 650 ti, running everything on Very Low but 25-30fps max.

Many motherboards have an option in the BIOS/UEFI to disable onboard gfx when a gfx card is installed.

Also power saving modes can prevent the gfx card & CPU from running at full speed.

A while ago there was an issue with the game not registering the GPU, which caused it to do everything using CPU power. This was happening on laptops and required setting the graphics to the GPU manually. Something to consider looking into as I had this happen.

That can only happen on laptops and he is stating the model of his GPU as 970 and not 970M, therefore, the particular fix does not apply to him. There is no way what he is describing can happen. He is just a really terrible troll.

using the same gpu with i5 3670, running smoothly… that is an issue specificly with your pc

That’s a issue specificly to a buttload of pcs, if all the responses on Steam, Reddit and this forums are counted.

I had a similar issue with BLTPS when something related to PhysX started eating all the precious frames per second. It turned out that some nVidia update flipped the PhysX switch from GPU to CPU.

So, check your nVidia Control Panel and make sure PhysX is set to run on GPU only.