Game issues and changes I'd like to see [Xbox]

I’m sure some of these are already known issues, I’m just trying to be thorough and lend my voice to them.


  1. Iron Bear could use a mode specific balancing of some sort. I’m fine with content being harder in Mayhem 3 or True Vault Hunter mode but Iron Bear is pretty much completely unusable in those modes dying instantaneously as soon as I summon him. If you have to leave his damage alone, but increase his armor so that he can take a few hits, at least enough for Moze’s shield to recharge a bit. At least then I can use him as an emergency life saver even if he can’t fight.


  1. I’d love it if holding in the Select/Window/Back button on the controller would bring up the map so I don’t have to hunt through the menus for it. It would make navigating easier.
  2. I miss the “press x to compare” from borderlands 2. It was a nice feature and I miss it dearly.
  3. The map has a weird habit of snapping to a fast travel point when I try to scroll around it. I’m fine with it snapping if I press a direction button, but the thumbsticks? It makes navigating a pain.
  4. Bank space is a huge issue, particularly if it needs to be shared by all your characters. I’m struggling with a single character. I’m at the point where I want to make more characters just so I can use their backpack as a bank.
  5. I’d really like to see a test dummy. I think putting it in the shooting range beneath Marcus would be a great idea. Maybe have a lever or button we could press to make the dummy pop up so we can test a weapon.


  1. There are graphical issues with Typhon DeLeon. His whip seems to bug out and stretch all over after he uses it in clearly unintentional ways, and when he runs through water black pixels kick up all over.
  2. When I play with my wife, all my fast travel locations get deleted off my navigation screen. When I go back to playing solo, I have to manually travel to each planet and run through each area. To make matters worse, some of the travel nodes on the map seemingly don’t appear (Jakobs Estate being a prime offender) making it very difficult to find some of the locations when I go back to solo.

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