Game keeps crashing my pc

I’ve contacted support and tried some fixes, my pc is decent, it should be able to run this fine on low or medium, it will randomly crash, as in both of my monitors will go black and the sound will cut out after a while and get all digitzed and robotic. I just built this pc myself, and I do have a radeon graphics card but I have a good amd 8 core processor, video card with 2gb vram and 8 gb of ram.

I’ve lowered the settings as much as possible and tinkered with it some. The game is unplayable though since this will happen about every 20-30 minutes sometimes more frequently.

I also stream this kinda frequently so thats a pain as well, and it will crash when I’m streaming it on twitch or not as well.

i have the very same problem it happened just after the newest patch.

hmm interesting, I think it may have been a problem with my pc, I switched out the graphics card, and have been doing updates and scans, it said the main bios was corrupted somehow and went into the backup bios? It started randomly crashing today but after that has been fine, may get my friend to look at it thats in IT. I’m going to try playing today and seeing if theres any problems though

was the problem fixed?