Game keeps crashing , ps4

Ok. I will do that. Thanks .

Just here to bring feedback, been playing Amara Phasezerker lately and it appears that using linking/ricochet weapons like Insider/Brainstormer in association with Ties That Bind/Stillness of Mind tends to cause fps drops and sometimes crash the game. Doesn’t happen a lot in my case but maybe that’s what OP is experiencing

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Yep. Tested multiple wariations and the crash is happening in 2 cases . On my flak when using brainstormer on multiple enemies with the Red capstone and Amara with the binding skill. I have read some other players problems and i use flak pack class mod when it happens .

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I haven’t been able to pinpoint what causes the crashing (Phasezereker TTB Amara here too), because sometimes I’ll be crashing non-stop, whilst at others I’ll be able to play for a few hours.

I definitely had more problems when using the Seventh Sense revolver, but I had crashes with non DLC gear too. I don’t use the Recursion or Brainstormer, but I did have a Hyperfocus which also has ricochets (though not as crazy).

The Insider is a richochet/chain weapon?

Btw, just now

Siren bezerker was crashing as well. Hotfix coming anytime soon?

I’ve passed some details on for that, but support tickets describing the bug/crash would likely help.

Hi, my game keeps crashing while in split screen (playing Amara and FL4K), usually when one of us enters the shop or opens inventory. Playing on Xbox one.

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If you check the XBox equivalent of this section, you’ll see a lengthy thread outlining the same problem you describe, unfortunately. GBX continue to work on performance improvements, so keep an eye on the BL3 News thread for update patch notes.

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Yes me 2. Submitted a report 2 2k a week ago.

Same here…after last patch this game is unplayable for me (it crashes every 10-15 minutes I’m playing). Starting to miss “Anthem”.

The Phasezerker com seems to be triggering something? Try switching to a different class mod for a bit to see if things improve.

I’m also getting crashes on my Zane (Seeing Dead & speed build). But then again, it now crashes if I’m just walking to the lost loot box in Santuary. I’ve “defragged” the PS4, deleted the BL3 file, and reinstalled…still crashes.

Base PS4 or Pro? If the latter, what mode are you running in?

Pro (and I’ve run it in Performance and Framerate mode with equal crashes in both modes).

Same. Amara seems to be the only character i use that initiates a blue screen. I could be going up an elevator…no enemies…crash.

I see a suggestion to change COMs if you’re using Phasezerker…I’d like to play the game with the gear i want to…it’s bad enough the tracker grenade is busted on PS4

Are you referring to Moze’s Means of Destruction?


I’m not familiar with the Pro but I read in another thread that setting the output to 1080p solved the problem. If what you have tried does not affect the output resolution then worth a shot.