Game keeps crashing.......still

Since ROTC the number of crashes went significantly up, but ist was still kind of playable. But since BoB it´s beyond hilarious: 4 (!) crashes in the last 30 min, trying to stop B3 via taskmanager is useless because B3 “steals” focus and covers the taskmanager up. All recent crashes occured while playing the questline in the fort in Blastlands. Any suggestions?

GTX1060 6Gb
16Gb RAM
Samsung 512Gb NVME-SSD


Same issue have to relaunch it like 5 times till it finaly works.

Completely new install, checked video card drivers…today 1,5h playing: 4 crashes.

Allways crashing in fights…

Listen Gearbox,

i´m not very sensible about graphical glitches, incorrectly calculated damage or abilities not working as supposed…but in my mind a game should work reasonably consistent.

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yep, my game crashes like crazy too, like the most normal thing as sliding to the teleport station and especially with Zane Clone build. I adjusted my graphic to potato setting and still crashed.


1 hour of play…6 crashes, almost all of them happening after the ride with Titus and Juno and entering the fort-like section. Reduced all graphical settings to medium after the three first crashes, no improvement (apart von a bit better fps).


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playing also with zane, but mine ist shield / drone. Do you play mayhem and which modifiers do you have?

Im getting random crashes very frequently. Like, 2 within 30 minutes of play time!! This is nuts, it was finally kind of fun to play moze using iron bear but now the game is almost totally unplayable. What a joke.

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It’s your OS. If you’re constantly experiencing crashes it’s either a software conflict due to configuration or it could possibly be a hardware conflict due to configuration.

There’s no way for them to fix every unique set up across millions of players.

I’ve seen the same problem working in tech support for GTA V.

The best you can do is send your crash logs to Gearbox support. Realistically if you’re constantly experiencing crashes that 90% of the playerbase aren’t it’s your system. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen In other games, it’s happening with this game after numerous stability patches.

If after you do a fresh install of windows and make sure all of your drivers are up to date and you still experience crashes you’ll just have to wait until one of the stability patches address specific issues that effect your unique setup.

BL3 worked fine pre-ROTC, no changes where made apart from updating graphic-card-driver. All other games (WOT, Warzone, Apex, Overwatch and others) work flawlessly. And if it´s due to an OS-related problem, why does BL3 exclusively crash in fights?

You are kind of contradicting yourself here and i´m amazed about my setup being “unique”…

I´m sorry, but this is typical tech-support excuses…


Yeah, everything was working fine before the patch and now crashes are AT LEAST one per hour. That’s a gearbox problem not my system, all other games are running flawlessly. All drivers are updated and reinstalling the game doesn’t make any difference. I should not have to reinstall windows everytime they release a patch. Reinstalling windows is the number 1 cop out tech support answer when they dont know or want to bother actually solving the problem.

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M10 with speed demon, mob mentality, pool party, buddy system but i changed it. Now it seems like the game crashes less than the day I first commented on your thread, so tbh i’m a little confused. Maybe like the other guy said, it could be my os.

I have the problem too.
I have reinstalled the game, checked the driver and set the options low but
it is ungamable!

Need help Gearbox!

After months of perfect stability, I am getting crashes every 30-60 minutes since the new DLC launched. Also always in combat, the audio keeps going but screen freezes. If I leave a txt file or something open to alt tab to I can force shutdown the game OK.

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I had 2 crashes on new dlc, massive slow down and first cut scene with rose audio desynced. I thought this new patch would stabilise the game a bit more but it feels as bad as its always been. Haven’t played since beating dlc

I have spent the day crashing and made posts about it on another thread. Im pretty tired of this.
Now that i can finally use iron bear again, im hit with this skag bollocks of crashing at anything i do.(only happens ever since the cartels and specially the higher the mayhem is)

Game freezing solo, game freezing in coop… Game freezing and freezing and freezing and freezing.

Hey guys, jmy game has also began to randomly crash and it has never crashed before (owned since steam release).


my theory involves 3 factors that seem to cause crashes on my steam version:
1 - Weapons with cryo that also involve a second type of damage / your own skills that apply a DoT
2 - Losing connection to steam even for a second often results in the game freezing
3 - Mayhem modifiers, specially the ones involving “visual effects that connect enemies” (also grenades that do have such effect, like the Quasar)

good luck trying to find just what makes it click for you…

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Crash after 5 seconds! I was entering the game in “hearts desire” (in the room with Tom and Xam), looking toward the end of the map. I turned around and walked a few steps, they spawned aaaand dingdingdingding !


hot damn, my best in nekrotafeyo was 15 seconds.

BTW, i found some insight on crashes.
I was trying to play the slaughter shaft in M10, always crashed on the first enemies.

But i turned it to M8, and it stopped! NO MORE CRASHES SINCE.


The differences between those mayhem levels would be that the invincibility drones arent spanwing anymore (which are targeted as a crash source by many players), there’s also just 2 modifiers instead of 4, which is eassier on the game i guess.
and also, the stats arent borderline high which is easy on the game processing too, i guess.

anyone crashing in M10, give this a try. And try to roll stuff that doesnt create laser effects too, now that’s something i often crashed to. Boomer and Not The Face were my prefered rolls because they are just stats, nothing visual that could bug the game out, idk.

That said, for farming bosses, i still switch to M10 at their save spot, and i rarely crash anymore doing so. Still do. But way less often.