Game keeps disconnecting me while in Character selection screen

game disconnects me after every 20 seconds of waiting in character selection screen…

Every game looks like this:

  1. I search for game, game finds me people to play with, creates a lobby.
  2. Character selection starts.
  3. After 15 - 20 seconds, I lose connection to steam servers
  4. It puts me right into main screen, then I reconnect to game again.
  5. After 15 - 20 seconds, it disconnects me again and I need to reconnect.

The disconnections can happen 2 or 3 times, depending on how long the character selection screen lasts.

After I get into game, I have no problems. No lag, no connection issues, no disconnects.

I also have many multiplayer games and I haven’t any issue with my connection so far.

Here is the screenshot what does it look like right after the disconnection happens:

Thank you.

Try entering a support ticket

I’m not seeing many people say its happening right now so it might be on your end.

OK thank you, I try to create ticket there… As I said, I have many games and this is the first time I’ve encountered such a thing.

I got the same issue, disconnecting all the time in lobby. did make a ticket but not much help, tried everything, even resetting my router, reinstalling game,disabling antivirus, opening ports++ nothing helps

God thanks it’s not only myself…

Yes, nothing works… It may be steam’s issue.

Maybe we should contact Steam support ? No idea how, I was checking support website and there you can only ask questions, wtf…

you can add a ticket here;

OK thnx, I guess I will wait some time to get some reply from Gearbox ticket, then I decide what next… Thnx again.

If I somehow fix this issue in the meantime (though I am out of imagination on this one), I will post it here…