Game keeps freezing/crashing

My game keeps crashing probably 5 - 10 min in to the game(not in Menu)

Here are the crash reports

What I have tried…

-Reinstalled the game
-Updated Nvidia drivers
-Turned off Virus Protection
-Updated Motherboard BIOS
-Turned down Graphics settings

Any Help would be great


I switched from windowed borderless to fullscreen and that fixed it for me. 2 hrs no new crashes.

Just to keep this thread relevant…

I am also having this issue, done what OP has tried as well as turning the game from borderless to fullscreen. Dropped the graphics quality to Low and sent it up to Badass, the length of time between crashes was almost consistent but not at the same time.
I assumed there maybe something in game causing it but I can sit there for 5-10 minutes doing nothing and it will crash or run around crazy like and it will still crash within 5-10 minutes.

Did I accidentally download the Demo?


When i put the game to full screen, it keeps minimizing to the desktop as if i was pressing Alt+TAB.
Playing in full window mode is alrigth tho. Anyone with the same problem?


If you’re running an Nvidia GPU make sure you have the latest drivers released on 9/10/2019. It crashes frequently on older drivers.

Run in Full Screen, not Windowed

TURN ON VSYNC. You’ll probably get horrible frame rate stuttering if you don’t.

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I already have the latest driver for NVIDIA GPU.
Already turned on Vsync.
But i can’t put the game to full screen, just Full windowed. Dont know what to do

Fullscreen not worked for me :sadpepe:

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think i solved it.
Seems that i have the LG application for controling the monitor. After quiting the application, the game stays in full screen without going to desktop

After turning OFF Vsync as it was Default on, I managed to get a little over 20 minutes before the game crashed.
I have nothing more I can update, my only thought is something wrong with the OS.

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Oh fun,
Now I can’t get past the 2K symbol.

One step forward two steps back.


This is not the fix. This was the first thing I did before I realized the game was consistently crashing. I always play game full screen. There seems to be a bunch of people who throwing out obvious suggestions how about gearbox look into the issue.

I updated to the latest nvidia drivers and still crashing.
I did turn on vsync
I am running in full screen
I don’t have any other issues with games crashing


Same here. Let me know what ends up working for you.


Same issue here. Can’t play for more than 5 min


Here’s a question. For those of you with problems crashing despite trying all of the tips in this thread, in the Basic graphics settings, what does it have listed for your Display? It should be the model of your monitor.

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Not to jinx it or anything, but I do believe this most recent update has fixed it. Went a full two hours of playing on various visual settings (turning it high and low, toggling fullscreen, etc.) and have not crashed. I lagged really bad once, where I thought I’d crash, but did not.

The only fix i found was to turn on DX12 … yea i know its a wait for the game to load but i have been playing for the last 2 hour with out a crash.

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Same here. This is frustrating.

I actually can’t even open the game. Every time i do it gives me a crash error and makes a report Just like the OP. I didn’t pay $100 and wait 9 hours downloading for game that doesn’t even work…


Can you guys confirm me one thing :
Open the task manager and check how much borderlands 3 is using your GPU ?

In my case I have a Ryzen 3600 / GTX 1080 and my GPU is at 99.8%
I had the case on a previous game where I needed to cap FPS (using Nvidia Inspector) to prevent the game from crashing because of GPU usage.

I have the same issue, but my GPU was max at 30 - 40 %