Game keeps freezing/crashing

Update on my situation: tried doing things as Amara, and stayed on M4: no issues, completed the Villa 2 times. Switched to Moze, dropped to M4 and was able to do her 2nd run of Villa just fine. Turned it back up to M5 and tried to fight the Ravager (1st crash occurred here), and it crashed, so it seems to be something with Mayhem 2.0, specifically M5 and up? It might also be a save related issue, I still need to check Amara on M5; if it’s attached just to my Moze I have no idea how to fix…

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Hello all, I bought Borderlands 3 today, but the game crash on lauch, after the Claptrap running. Do you think Gearbox will fix it soon? Or should I refund this game?

My rig: 3500, 16GB, 1070, SSD.

Back to M4 from M6, without my cryo lob and no more crashs…

Guys. I had this problem for a few weeks before i finally was able to fix it. 2 diferents rigs same problem fixed.

After deep investigation ( i dont wanna link all the troubles and fixes that i tried and it didnt work ) i started my own. first by gettin info of you guys ( yall posting here helped a F ton ) , anyways let me say what i did that fixed on both pcs.


PC 1 - i5 6600k - asus z170 - 16 gb dd4 ram 2400 ( oc to 3000 ) - evga 1060 (Superclocked ***** )
ocz 650 full modular 80 bronze

PC 2 - ryzen 3600 - asus B450 prime - 16gb ddr4 3200 - RX 5700 XT ( OC BIOS ******) cooler master 700W modular bronze.

Now. after checkin both my pc´s what u guys see in comum ? the freackin OC GPU. after goin deep into some report/error logs that i created myself i was able to find some crazy energy spikes that OC bios and the boost system that most of cards/people enable it or it comes enable from their factory or whatever they come from.

bottom line. I undervoltded ( forgive if this word is out of this world. english is not my first language not even my second one either way ) i undervolted both my GPU. tweaked them both by a little and its been 5 days 10hr a day played with no crashes whatsoever! i was looking for some other things and found that a LOT of ppl come to this problem and have no idea what to do to fix it. Maybe this new tip ill help yall. GL guys

i play as amara. recursion ricochet. it basically brokes the game by
it self coz its TOO much on the screen. still no crashes.

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This solved the problem for me. I downloaded my vid card’s OC software and turned it to “eco mode”. No crashes anymore. Game runs a bit slower now, but that’s still a lot better than crashing!

Hope Gearbox can have a fix for this problem in the next patch/update.

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let me know if it still runnin with no problems. im gatherin some info to send to them. lots of tests here but i need more people to confirm that undervoltin the GPU helps. ty

I’ll try to undervolt tonight.

It can be trick undervolt ur gpu. i mean… it take some time to find a sweet spot to adjust. you can also play with the Clock speeds when adjustin it. hope it helps you


I’ve been playing with my settings a little bit more.

I’ve reset the GPU settings back to stock (so no underclock anymore) and it still runs ok. I just made sure I capped the FPS limit (there’s a setting in-game) to 22-58.

It’s not as smooth as I’d like it to be, but at least it’s stable / no crashes for quite a while now.


I’ll put the TL;DL first as I think this post will be a bit long. I don’t think there is anything we can do about the game freezing, it’s not a hardware (driver issue) or even a settings issue, but I think the game freezes because o damage calculations (or at lest in my case). Turns out the problem (at lest for me) was the Guardian Rank System. Turns out is was the Mayhem Modifier: Mob Mentality

So before I tell you how I got to this conclusion my setup first:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3
Processor: Intel I5-6400 @ 2700GHz (no overclocking)
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix Radeo RX 5700 XT OC, 8GB GDDR6, 256-bit
RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX
Storage: Samsung NVEM for OS, 2TB RAID 0 (2x1TB) for game install location.

I’ve played over 400 hours of Borderlands 3, only local play, no on-line (co-op).

  • Completed the game with Zane (normal/TVHM)
  • Completed the game with FL4K (normal/TVHM)
  • Completed the game with Amara (normal)

I normally play on 1920x1080, DX11, High Graphics quality, framerate capped at 60 FPS (I have an old Samsung gaming monitor that runs at 60Hz)

While playing though the games with Zane, FL4K or Amara the game froze maybe 4-5 max in total (acceptable I’d say) . My troubles began after I finished the game with Amara and started doing the Takedowns, Slaughterhouses or The Proving Ground Trials (serious mobbing). The game kept freezing and the only way to stop it was with force shutdown with Task Manager (so no error message). But i kept at it, and with perseverance and a lot of nerves a began going though them. Until I got to the Trial of Fervor. With Amara the game would freeze on me 100% of the time, some times in the 1/3 portion of the trial, others in the 2/3, I would never reached the final part.

This is the time I started to seriously search for a solution online. Things I’ve tried (and didn’t work):

  • cleaned my CPU and GPU heatsink (thought it was a overheating issue). Used Hardware Monitor to see that my CPU never goes above 90% load and max 55C, GPU is almost the same 90%\60C)
  • updated ALL drivers (GPU, Chipset, etc.)
  • Updated Windows (and .NET)
  • Installed the Prerequisite (Epic Games\Borderlands3\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe)
  • Lowered the Graphics quality to Very Low
  • Limited the framerate to 30FPS
  • Under volted my GPU (as suggested above)
  • Reinstalled the game

What I noticed was that the game begun to stutter and eventually freeze whenever I began doing missive amount of damage - I am using Moxsy’s Khaos Queen Amara Build (

So I devised an experiment: I reverted the game to my normal settings and tried 10 runs of Trial of Fervor with Amara. The game froze 10 out of 10 times (100%). Then I switch to my FL4K character, witch has this build -, and tried the Trial of Fervor. The game had some micro stutters, but I finished the trial on the first try (the game didn’t freeze). I tried to use the same gun (whenever I could) with both character to try to maintain some consistency: The Flipper with fire damage

I also noticed that the game always froze when in mobbing situations with Amara I used guns like: Brainstormer, Recursion or Relux.

Sadly the problem seems to be completely out of our hands and has to be fixed by Gearbox

Sorry for the long post (I had to vent somewhere) and I hope this “helps”.

Later edit: Turns out the problem (at lest for me) was the Guardian Rank System, and I think most likely the Overkill ability. As soon as I turned the Guardian Rank System off (no other change was made) the game ran a lot more smother (fewer micro stutters) and I could finish the Trial of Fervor and the Trial of Discipline in just one run.

As a sanity check, I turned the Guardian Rank System back on and tried both Proving Ground runs again, the game froze on the first try for both of the runs.

didn’t see a single mention of your mayhem modifiers.

This sounds exactly like the known issue with Mob Mentality.

make sure that is not one of your mayhem rolls

Thank you. You are a life saver.

I didn’t know about the issue with Mob Mentality. After I checked Amara, I saw that I had that modifier on her (I only check to see if a have Lootsplosion and Buddy System, the rest I don’t care).

I changed Mob Mentality and re-enabled Guardian Rank System and the game has been running fine.

Thank you once again, you made the game fun for me again.

glad to be of help.

The game froze up on me four times in the last two days, always in combat about 10-15 minutes in. When using shotguns, usually, if that means anything.

I’m on a Mac, if that means anything either, but this bug seems to happen to players on all platforms and the symptoms are the same (motion freezes, unresponsive controls, background sound and music keep going).

In any case, I disabled the Guardian Rank System and was able to play for 2 hours without any freezing. So, add that to the anecdata. :slight_smile:

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Many driver updates later game still freezes.

I had bought this game in pre-order. I played it when it came out, and it was okay. Now I wanted to shoot it up again, but first it was freezing while loading the game. I managed to lower the video settings and it starts, but as soon as I go to the freakin ship it freezes. I have reinstalled, I have updated drivers, I have further lowered the settings… It just keeps crashing. 1070, 16gb ram, i7-3770k. Any help would be appreciated, but maybe I just avoid it for another year seeing maybe it won’t even load by then…

The problem is known from September last year to the present day and nothing has changed, you probably need to wait a couple of years(forget about this game), and play something not “broken”. This same think need to on yard 2020 year and I freezes and glitches in game for evening on 10 times “taskkill” clean up, so as reboots I so much not will endure,before such happened only under game for “Mose” through shotguns tedior,now under game for any individual and not it is important that have him in the hands of for weapons!! PS Game bought on pre-order, My PC:rx 5700xt/ Risen 7-3800x/ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming


After a while my pc crashes, my power button doesn’t work after that so i have to unplug my pc. I did a complete windows reinstall twice. Horrible, I cant play this game anymore. It could be a graphics driver though, I’m playing on a ryzen 7 4750g APU. I also lost all of my golden keys due to crashing. Bye bye BL3

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Download the lastest version of NVIDIA PhysX, it worked for me. When i installed the game, Steam probably installed the version of PhysX when the game was released (sep/19). I don’t know if you still have this problem in dec/20 but i was having and updating PhysX solved.

I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. My PC wasn’t made to support heavy games like Borderlands 3 but I can play with lower configurations, with occasional delays. I was having the same problem as you, every 30 minutes the game crashed.

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