Game keeps freezing every 15-20 mins

Since the last patch my game freezes constantly, every 15-20 mins. I have verfied the files,
i have reinstalled the game, my graphic settings are on the lowest possible ones, i tried directx11 and 12,
I’m on PC/EPIC launcher and it keeps happening, i switched gear tried different skill trees it keeps happening. All my Drivers are updated, i tried windowed and Fullscreen modes, went through posts from the past with everything they recommended, and nothing works.
At first i thought it was radiation explosions since it seemed to happen during those the most, but once it froze during reloading with literally nothing on screen that could cause anything like that.
I’ve had freezes like that before the patch but it happened maybe once in a week, not consistently every 20 minutes.


i also tried to wait it out, left the game running for about 10 mins one time and it didnt unfreeze while the sound played in a short loop.

Does it only happen in combat or just randomly? And if it only happens in combat, have you checked whether it is related to your Mayhem modifiers? Some of them (especially Chain Gang and Mob Mentality) can cause your game to freeze up.

i have not tried it in normal mode, and did have mob mentality yes, i`m gonna try without it and see if it still happens, even though i was running the same modifiers before the patch too and it didnt happen that frequently