Game keeps freezing!?

Hi there,
My game keeps freezing for no reason,have to restart the console and do the mission again,because it didn’t even save…
I already reinstalled the game.

Hi everyone,

We (3 guys) startet to Play BL2 for about 4 weeks. We are facing constant game freezing/crashes on our ps3´s within the “wildlife Reservation” area. It doesn´t matter who is the host here the game freezes always when we are entering a specific room. We tried to reinstall the game, but without success. We are really sad about owning a game which is not playable anymore.

Years ago I played regularly and had no freezing issues. Do you have a fix or a ticket for us?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @tachjen.

First, I’d like to say please feel free to start your very own thread in this section detailing what occurs during the freeze and the exact room it happens in.

Older threads have a tendency of being ignored (especially when some one other than the OP is posting in them).

Second. All support tickets can be found here;

Also, detailing how the games freezes and any other oddities may help solve the issue.

I’d also list any active quests you have. Also, does the game freeze when you’re all together or also when you play separately, as this may help identify the issue as well.

Descriptiveness in these sort of circumstances is much like the Swiss flag, a big plus.

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I’m having the same issue!! Any solution yet??