Game keeps kicking me out

Description Summary: Game kicks me out before finishing loading.
Observed Results: Whenever I try to play in any mode, it keeps kicking me out as soon as it finishes loading.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Click Play.
  2. Pick any loadout and click on Confirm.

Expected Results: The game should have loaded and started playing.
Build #: 44

how long are your loads taking and by chance is the game giving you your match IDs for these? the game has an auto-kick function for AFK players that appears to run during loading. Once the launcher throws you into fullscreen, occasionally use wasd and move your mouse around to remind it that you’re there. If your load times are quick and you hit the ‘waiting on player’ screen, this may be a different issue

Nope. It still kicks me out of the game. It takes about 1 minute to load (maybe less).