Game launching with no DLC/Hotfix/Events (Epic)

Anybody else experiencing this? It seems that after every hotfix, or sometimes randomly, the game launches up as completely vanilla. No event effects on the opening screen, no hotfix sign, and dropping into the game results in “DLC Required” on everything in my inventory. Closing out of the Epic Launcher to try again results in the launcher never opening, hanging indefinitely at the “Preparing Epic Launcher” screen and ultimately requiring a computer restart before things suddenly return to normal. I’ve done the delete webcache, disable antivirus, force close and restart, etc. etc. Are there any better/permanent solutions here that I’m just not finding?

ps, I’m only posting here because Epic Support replied to my ticket telling me to ask Gearbox, and literally nothing else. So here I am.

You’ll need to file a bug report through 2K for official support, as they provide CS for the Borderlands games. The link to the form is in the pinned post at the top of this section.

Not sure why you’re having issues with this specifically; maybe some of the other PC users on the forums have insight on this.