[GAME LIMITATION] Graphical Issue

Has anyone seen this before? Seems to be multiplayer related only when we have Cardies in the match

I feel like a Cardassian only file must be breaking the crap out of your UI? Anything in the .log file?

I’ve not been able to get a log file for it, the screenshot was sent to me. Gotta get more dev only matches going to pick this stuff up :sweat:

Isn’t this where some buffer gets full and it can’'t load things anymore? I’m sure someone else had this recently…


We’ve conceded defeat here and to resolve this are splitting the 4 eras of each race into their own race “fragments” :frowning:

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What you see are placeholder graphics. It happened to me when I had the file path wrong for a UI graphic. Maybe you spelled a directory wrong?

While I have had some issues with changing anything in the UI (even icons…) I am confident in my understanding of the issue and the resolution we came up with.

If it was a misspelt directory or something like that it would show the placeholder graphics all the time, this only occurred when the Federation, Romulan, Klingon AND Cardassian sides were all present in a match.

We previously had one race for all eras for everyone, so that means all the ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG era ships were being loaded every time the Federation, Romulan or Klingon races were chosen. To put it another way, there was four races worth of ships being loaded for each of them! That’s an impressive red line for the game, 13 races worth of ships!