Game loading and save sync xbox one

My account has experienced 0 hiccups loging in or playing the game. My brother however, everytime he starts the game, when he gets to the loading screen it goes pitch black and crashes. And all his save data is mysteriously gone. We’ve been playing the franchise together for years and never had any trouble like this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Same console or different? Which console version?

Xbox one

Sounds like there’s some serious corruption on your brother’s console. I would suggest a factory reset, although you may be able to get away with uninstalling and reinstalling the game then restarting it so cloud data is sync’d back to the console. If he goes through ‘Manage Game’ does his save data show up locally at all?

We did all of that and it still gives issues. We’ve uninstalled/reinstalled. He did accidentally clear his saves everywhere so his progress may be gone but it still does the loading issues to his profile. On the main menu it says press A to login, and when he does it black screens and crashes. Idk if gearbox hosts saved data on servers or not but there is a serious problem if he’s the only one thats being affected by it

No they don’t - they rely on the various platforms for cloud backups.

The only thing I can think of if this is where it’s happening is checking that his system is indicating an Open NAT. If not, it’s possible a firewall setting at the modem/router is blocking the SHIFT sign in. I’m not sure why that would cause a crash though - usually you just get an alert about not being able to connect.

The best bet at this point is probably to submit a support ticket for assistance from 2K CS.

He just did. Also, we share the same console and this is never a issue for me. Same wifi too, moderate connection cause the only provider we can afford is AT&T. But this issue wasn’t a thing until we rolled over into 2020