Game Lobby is a Stream Group Chat FYI

If you want a game lobby to chat with everyone, before and after games.
Open friend chat, go to group and join the HWR one…

No but see they want it just like in the olden days because the olden days was better.

They confirmed they are working on a in game lobby system so steam groups and irc chat rooms arnt gona be needed soon.

Subtle condescension in this thread aside, a steam group chat is not the same thing as an integrated lobby. People are inherently lazy, even if it takes a couple of extra steps to access, most will not bother.

Secondly, not everyone who plays HW:R is aware of the group chat feature of steam and simple “word of mouth” or posting awareness of it on forums is not going to make it achieve anywhere near the same level of use as an inherent lobby.

I wasn’t trying to be subtle :smile:

But i don’t use in game lobbies in any game. Filled with the lowest form of life has been my exclusive experience with them. But that’s just my experience, ymmv and all that :wink:

Plus, steam is kind of the pits.

So what makes it useless from your experience and perspective @raynernycz with some examples, thanks in advance.


Hey, thanks for asking. :relaxed:

From my experience, there are very few people in it ever. The last time I check there were four people in there. Before that, it seemed people were just afk. I felt kind of silly trying to get people’s attention.

It’s not outright useless and I suppose it can be made use of by those dedicated enough to use it, but why bother with that when you can just join a Teamspeak and chat with your eHomies while you game and chill. Steam chat and even skype are terrible with quality.

Also, it would be more useful to put the community all in one place to communicate before games. It just makes sense this way in my opinion. I really miss the old lobby.

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