Game Lobby is Live - sort of

Hi guys, SnowWolf here.

I am still looking into various options available for this but here is one we just tested. The consensus is that it is a little cumbersome to use but…its a lobby, and it is always on.

  1. Shift-Tab in game and launch the steam browser.
  3. Enter your log in as follows:

your user name - can be anything other than empty or someone who is already on
no password is required
for channel type: #HWRLobby
enter captcha

You are now in a lobby, or more accurately an irc chat room with a lobby complex. ShiftTab to get in and out…

Point is that it works and has some advantages over the old lobby. Its always on, even in game. you don’t even have to launch HW to chill with other HW players. Just your browser.

If you are the only one there its because I just figured this out, but invite your friends to test this out and see if people like it. As the word spreads more people will start using it. Along the way we can decide as a community which service to use - there are many. Which is another advantage - it can never go down, always a back up. :smile:

I cant take a screenshot for some reason but here is a photo:

PS I am not affiliated in any way with the guys/companies providing these services.


Hey, snow,

Why not use #homeworld? It’s still up and active after all these years. 15 years later you’d be surprised at how many people idle there that have never played HW, but you’d also be surprised at how many you recognize like someguy, molo, jumper, nova, generalnukeem. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen Skibb, frstkor, or danger pop back up this year.

We actually may want to have a separate game lobby, come to think of it, #homeworld itself probably shouldn’t be over run with a bunch of newbros looking for a game, but at least channel up on the same server.

Not sure the point of it is. For a lobby I would want it in game so you can see who’s on and chat about hosting a game and the rules etc then hop in. If its not ingame then its just a generic chat room anyone can make for free.

Well people uninterested in this game wouldn’t be there. The point is:

You can see who is in the lobby and arrange games as you said
You can see other people who join while in game
You can be seen as in game by others joining - steam does this already
You can chat with people in and out of game at will.
IRC channels can have moderators
You can have more than one channel
Whisper functionality
File transfer functionality (don’t know about web based irc)

A lobby is just a chat room. This solution is no different except in the interface it gives you.

I am not trying to sell people on something they don’t want. But, sometimes what people want is inferior. Having used the original lobby I can see IRC on steam browser as superior in every way - except perhaps in ease of use.

You have far more functionality than a vanilla old school game lobby can provide.

At any rate - I simply offered a solution in place of adding a +1 to already long whiny thread. It may not be ideal for everyone but it is better than no lobby :slight_smile:

I used HWRLobby as test.

But you are absolutely correct. The name even makes more sense. I do agree on quality tho.

I mostly did this to see if people are interested in a solution as opposed to crying for a lobby Gearbox will imo never provide.

Personally for me it must be in game and built in and it should be the only lobby so it doesn’t split the community. Not getting at you for trying a lobby system tho I’m just saying my view that’s all.

I got it and I appreciate your concern on fragmentation it is a valid one. However, I highly doubt Gearbox will invest the time and resources to add a lobby to an already complex ecosystem (steam).

I would be very impressed with them if they prove me wrong.

a lobby? you mean udp byte stream?

I think you misunderstood. I meant the original #homeworld, The one that has been around since '98. Used to be at the server address the channel itself has moved homes many many times over the years. Currently it is sitting on

Or at least put the HWRLobby on the same server as #homeworld’s current home.

I agree that ultimately this should be in game, but until there is a real lobby IRC is the way to go. Simple and light.

I support this message, come one over.

Just go to the Steam Community for HWR and enter Group Chat. Problem is there’s only a few people that ever use the chat, but its better than the solutions above.

Also if your looking for an old friend, do a search on this group. Its got 70,000 HWR people in it:

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