Game Longevity and Loot Pools. Concerned fan

So weve had the game for a little over a week now. I really enjoy it, i do. Ive dumped insane hours already. But im feeling a couple things that are really making me scratch my head. Even after the loot nerf, i feel like there is too much loot. what happened to farming Bunk3r for 12 hours to get a couple of bitches and a bad sham? Or warrior for 12 hours and not even seeing a conference call? if this loot system was in BL2, there is not a chance it wouldve had a 7 year life. but thats not the big issue. Why does it feel like 99% of the loot is world drop. What happened to loot pools? Why would i farm specific bosses when i can just kill grave ward in 2 seconds over and over and get basically any drop in the game? (outside of queens call and a few other legendaries obviously) Or chupa. He drops literally everything. also an insanely fast farm. i just farmed a miniboss i hadnt played around at yet today and not only did a legendary or two pop 9/10 runs, every item was something i coulve gotten somewhere else.

Maybe this is just a rant.

Anyone else see this as a problem or is this just me? Genuinely interested in responses and discussions.

EDIT: After discussion i have realized the drop rates are not the issue. they do not need to be turned down. my issue personally lies with the enemies not having multiple assigned drops, leaving us no clear path to take to farm for our desired gear. Thank you everyone for your input.


You’re not supposed to “no life” the game. 12 hours farming the same boss for a Sham is considered a plus?!? Longevity will come from events. They’ll probably add more challenges and raid bosses with specific loot as the game progresses in content. They’ll probably have another raid boss currency as well for specific items to purchase.

I’m ok with bosses having specific legendaries as long as there’s still a chance for those legendaries to drop anywhere. Not everyone wants to grind boss fights all day chipping away at a massive hit point total as the only way to find specific legendaries.

They made it more like Diablo. â– â– â– â–  drops from just playing and RNG happens.


fair enough. i knew not everyone had the same opinion as i, thats why i was curious how everyone was feeling. Appreciate the feedback.

No thanks. Please, no thanks. When a game is “too easy” it is time for players to do their own personal challenges.


I fully agree with OP.

Borderlands 2 (and 1 and even TPS) found a niche of crazily dedicated players not afraid to spend dozens or hundreds of hours farming a single item or few items.

And finding enjoyment in it.

Borderlands 3 seems to be an appeasement fest thus far and I have been watching it divide the player base more and more each passing day.


are you serious? i really didn’t enjoy farming badassasaurus rex for 2 weeks straight… about 500 runs to get 1 perfect part slowhand… NO, JUST NOOOO… and now with the hotfix i feel immediately burned out because it’s badassasaurus rex all over again for me!!

thank you to al to people who have been complaining about droprates being to high, you just destroyed a great game and it only took you guys 1 week.

i had about 25 ppl on my xbox friends list playing borderlands 3 for 8 hours straight, day in day out… now with the hotfix… everybody is watching netflix again, some even went back to destiny 2… that’s how bad it is!!!

gearbox, please undo this stupid mistake and give us back the great drop rates that everyone needs and most of all, PAYED FOR !!!

this game went from super addicting and uplifting, to being a piece of garbage and super depressing…

thank you, everyone… for ruining this awesome game :’(

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serious question. and im not trying to be a smart-ass.

are you sure they didnt go back to destiny 2 and netflix because they had every legendary the game had to offer in a matter of 3 days?


I cant say farming bunker for 100hrs was fun.

But when that sham dropped.

PARTY TIME, it was all worth it.


yes i am very sure of that, because they were farming for perfection… and not just having any legendary.
same as i was for that matter!!

i don’t need anointed phaseslam on a weapon i’m trying to use for my FL4K or MOZE.

what i do want is the parts that give me the highest damage output… i.e. firerate+dmg+critdmg… and on top of that, there will be your personal list of anointments needed… but go ahead and try to get a corrosive lucian’s call with extra damage to badass, named, boss enemenies on action skill end :wink: it’s impossible now…


Whenever I see someone dubiously complain about “too much loot” I contemplate the sparse garbage I get and send them a flock of birds from across the internet.


100 hours? you must have been really extremely lucky!!

i think killersix once said in one of his 94% sham vids that it took him over 2 years of farming for it… like come on!!! people have better stuff to do than no-life a game for the item drop they are looking for… and with almost everything being a world drop now… it’s just impossible to get anything worth your while…


honestly by you naming that exact lucians call, you just gave me a reason to turn the game back on. so thank you. i will accept that challenge friend!

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but going back to the OP. i understand that were happier pre-loot nerf, but, could that be because nothing has a specific drop source? Like what if drops were lower, but there was one boss who dropped that Lucians call you are looking for along with like 3 other legendaries. Dont you think the hunt for that loot would be better as youd have 1/4 chance that when a legendary popped from that specific farm, it was a LC instead of a 1 in 1000 chance of getting it on a world drop from anywhere? or no?

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As someone who has ~2500 hours, mostly farming, in bl2 I will never go back to those drop rates. If anything the extreme rarity of good variants of certain good item limited the game as it just wasn’t practical to farm legit because in some cases it would literally take months. The bl3 drop rates at launch were excellent, hopefully they’re not committed to killing them. The real endgame farm in bl3 is for legendaries with specific anointments, which are very very rare. The difference between bl2 endgame farming and bl3 endgame farming is the gap between good gear and the best gear, in bl2 this gap was massive and in many cases the best gear was so rare it was effectively non-existent. Bl3 the gap is much smaller which allows people to experience the hundreds of awesome weapons in this game without farming for hundreds of hours. This in no way decreases longevity for hardcore farmers because anointments, the best gear, exist and is very rare.


Also every named enemy I know of has a assigned drop it just not very noticeable at M3 because compared to the chance of world drops from mini bosses the chance for their assigned drop is relatively low, assigned drop chance should be increased in mayhem levels

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i mostly can agree with this. i would like to see assigned drops turned up if thats the case, but in all honest i would prefer the current drop rates we have now, stacked with loot pool redistribution. i think too many items in the game are able to be world drops and thats the part where i personally get turned off.

There is no direct route to the majority of the gear. i prefered the BL2 method of “i want a Norfleet, ill go farm hyperius for awhile. i want a rough rider, ill go farm the bulwark. i want a DPUH ill go farm savage lee for awhile.” and then make anointed super rare so if you wanted the perfect roll at least youd know where to start looking for it.

Maybe there is something im not getting but i think its farming for anointed weapons that can literally drop anywhere that i dont like. idk

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im not sure, i really dont know what it is exactly something just doesnt feel right to me when im playing. thats kind of why i came here, to try to talk it out with people

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would you prefer if enemies had multiple assigned drops?

absolutely. that is exactly what i think feels off.

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I think that would be an improvement as long as all assigned legendary drops can drop simultaneously, unlike bl2 where you would only get one item from an enemies legendary pool and that item could be a head, skin, and in some cases even a blue. Luckily it seems like crowded loot pool aren’t an issue in this game.

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