Game looks good please tell me theres an offline mode

please tell me it does cause borderlands is getting stale now and need a new shooter

offline as in solo story mode ? yes
offline as in play multiplayer with bots ? TBD


That would be so awesome I could cry from joy.

As it has competitive online multiplayer, I’m guessing it will have some form of non-campaign offline bot thing, it’d be a good place to test out new stuff/practice something specific.

This is pure speculation though.

What I really want to know is if they will have split screen co-op for PC, that would make me cry from joy

I’d much prefer second screen co-op for PC.
I don’t see any reason in halving my screen when I have more than one.

Not everybody has more than one screen, I can confirm it is a little awkward to have one person sitting on the couch using the TV and one person sitting over at a table using the computer.

That said, I’m no expert coder but I feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to add both, I mean, I feel like half the battle would be getting it to render the two different perspectives at the same time, you could probably figure out where to put each of them later

End of the day, I think we can agree that we want local co-op, in some format

I just wish people would ask for local co-op instead of split screen co-op. I have multiple 40"+ displays, and I’m not splitting a screen with someone like it is the 90s.

I have nothing interesting to add

I just say splitscreen because of habits from the PS2, theres no need to get all uppity about it. Besides the people over a GBX are pretty smart, I’m sure they got the point.

Perhaps features from an ancient device aren’t what I want to see in future games. Technology has evolved. Split Screen is an obsolete technology, and while I don’t mind it being included- it is useless to me and many more.


  1. an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary

I apoligise for not using the exact words you wanted to here, but I feel that I have made it clear by this point that split-screen exclusively is not what I am advocating.

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@MOLMF, @Wingsday, you’ve made your points; time to move on.

I have a full wall as my screen, using a projector. Split screen isn’t an issue anymore when you have a 9meter screen.

Please check the dates of comments before posting in an old thread. Thanks.

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