Game Lost 4 Legendaries from Crash

I had just solved the cube puzzle easter egg in Desolation’s Edge, got 4 Legendaries dropped and was walking over to pick it up when the game crashed and booted my friend out. I logged back onto BL3, and not only is it impossible for me to interact with the cube or redo the puzzle, but all of the loot is gone and did not show up in my Lost Loot.

Same exact thing just happened to me. I literally wanted to throw something because the cube shows on load and swaps to the cracked version once textures come in. I was solo and lost loot bank was full even though I emptied it. So another bug. Such a disappointment. If I do this again with another character (if I even play this anymore due to these crashes) I’ll back the save up manually.

That sucks but the lost loot from safe was a bigger cluster. Could’ve been 50 legs. But we’ll bounce back. Good hunting!

at me I lose all my char when its bluescreen . I post about it 2 week ago . but its fix by my back up save file even many good gun is i get is gone.

everything is on pc. and on your mark . all you need to do just back up save file on every progress
is you done in there. like everytime is you done play or everytime is you got rare gun .