Game lurches like a drunkard

Every so often when I play as soon as I get near enemies the game display will suddenly start waving and lurching drunkenly with no controller input or control almost as if the vault hunter is trying to lick their own elbow.

Game has become very unstable for me since this latest dlc. I got to a point on my Moze where the game wouldnt progress, so I started it over on my Zane, now on my Zane the game says I have infinite money no matter how much I spend, my old OPQ System spawns 2 drones, and periodically the game spawns a healing pool beneath me even though none of my modifiers or anoints are supposed to do that.
It also randomly just freezes up for several seconds, luckily it hasnt booted me yet, this really pisses me off cause I paid money for this, and I expected it to work. I dont see me buying anymore dlc as it will just continue to get buggier.