Game makers that no longer exist

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Midway and Sierra… some good memories there.

Monolith still around? There’s no way they wouldn’t make this list, but I thought they disappeared.

Bally and Williams (on topic but not in this list) both got their feet into the slot machine business, and (only a few years ago, well after they stopped making arcade games) they both independently got bought out by an entirely different company (Scientific Games).

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Oh cool - Monolith became a household name for me with their F.E.A.R and AVP2 games (and Tron 2.0 is a fave too).


Telltale was also another good company.

I loved TftBL. I was kind of interested in the Guardians of the Galaxy game they made, but I never bought a copy.


Telltale is kind of sort of back now. They’re doing Wolf Among Us Season 2.

TFTB got me into Borderlands in general, so it will always be my favourite. Also shout out to their Sam and Max games, SBCG4AP, and Poker Night at the Inventory.


Telltale Games​:tired_face::cry::sob: Their style of story driven games were so much fun. I remember discovering them around the same time I was just getting into Vertigo Fables.

TFTBL was so insane. It was like Borderlands without the bazillion guns and felt as insane as “Garfield minus Garfield” comics. Lol.

My favorite was Batman, though. I’d loooooove to see a season 3 of that game. Season 2 was a blast.


You seem to have forgotten Black Isle and Interplay. RIP Planescape Torment and others, and yes there is Obsidian but things over there are more than bit toxic.