Game mechanic questions

Hello there.
I’ve several questions about the games mechanics that I’m hoping to find answers to.

Wiki says masher kills count towards shotgun challenges. Just want to make sure do they still count for their own weapon type for damage bonuses? As in, if I have a COM with bonus pistol damage and I have a masher pistol does it get a damage bonus from that or would it have to be a shotgun damage bonus for it to benefit?

If a weapon has the elemental 2 mags anointment and the weapon already has an element, does it change the weapons element or do the bullets gain the effects of both element types?

Speaking of elemental anointments, I’ve understood shield and grenade ASEs spawn extra projectiles instead of infusing the existing bullets. Do those extra projectiles have the exact same properties the guns own bullets do? If I shoot a Jakobs with ASE elemental anointment on does the extra projectile also get ricoched? Or if I shoot a sticky bomb does the extra projectile also turn into a sticky bomb? Or does it work like a regular bullet regardless of weapons special effects?

Is it one extra projectile per shot or one per bullet if I’m shooting something that fires more than one?

Is it just me or are slam and slide just kinda useless? There seems to be a lot of things in the game encouraging slides such as numerous artifacts enhancing it and challenges for multiple weapons to kill enemies while sliding but so far I’ve just never found a reason to use one aside from moving around with it as I believe it’s faster than sprinting. I’ve also killed a grand total of 2 enemies ever with slams despite the fact that I’ve occasionally tried my damndest to off someone with it. Does height affect slam damage in any way? I guess both are based on melee damage?

Is sliding faster than sprinting? Also if I have movement speed bonuses do they also effect slides?

That’s the ones I can think of for now. Thanks for answering my rambling questions.

Welp, seeing as not a single one of these is has received any answers I’m not too hopeful about this getting answered either but here’s a couple more about weapon parts.

  1. If I inspect my guns parts some of them are white and some of them are green. What is this trying to indicate? The parts don’t seem to be fixed so that’s not it. At the same time it always seems to be the same parts that are marked as green. What gives?

  2. Positive part effects seem to be marked with green and negatives are red. Some parts such as most foregrips on my rifles tend to have both a green and a red “weapon sway -30 %”. So uhhh, I guess the red one is supposed to be a plus instead of minus then. On the otherhand this seems to be true for every single foregrip I’ve seen on my rifles so if they cancel each other out every single time, why is it even there?

cant answer all of em but

it does additional damage in the ASE’s element. if u have a fire gun with shock ase, itll do fire and additional shock

one projectile. if a gun is x2 itll be x3 instead. if the projectile has a gimmick (like splits into 4, or ricochets etc) the extra projectile will also take the same properties


mmhm, by a bit. yes they do.

that is a bug!

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Mashers count as shotgun kills? That seems odd to me, but you want a COM with bonus pistol damage for that (assuming it’s a pistol, there are some masher ARs and a Sniper too).

Only with a Snowdrift, and assuming you’re not juiced up on Speed Demon or some other speed buffs. There’s a line in the startup quotes about it.

That’s what the wiki claims, although during a session today I did get an assault rifle second wind challenge done with a masher so I think it’s just false information. It’s just after seeing that I got really curious if they were counted as shotguns in general. Glad to know they are not.

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I guess this is a pretty good time to clarify a few things about extra projectiles.

So shield and grenade elemental ASEs cause extra projectiles.
Does the Jakobs crit ricochet count as an extra projectile?
I’m still unsure if “next 2 mags” ASE anointment causes an extra projectile like the shield and grenade ASEs do? What about urad?

If I’m shooting a Jakobs with 1 ricochet with N2M, shield and grenade ASE’s active, that’s 4 extra projectiles assuming all of those are counted as extras. Does the patch yesterday mean that all of those would happen, but the ricochet doesn’t generate any extra projectiles because the limit of 4 extras per shot is full at that point?