Game mechanics: Armor class and damage


the search button was not very useful, though I feel like that information must be somewhere:

What is the damage mechanics in homeworld 2 remastered? I remember reading about RNG and that it’s chance based (but a search for RNG comes up empty, even though I know there are posts with RNG in it).

I would think that every type of gun has different damage against every type of armor. Yet for example when I check
it has 0 for most armor types, so I must be misunderstanding something. Maybe the page is outdated?

Can someone please point me to or explain to me the way it works in homeworld 2?

Cheers, PointLuck.

That site is quite inaccurate.

In that case it’s right-ish.
It’s 30% to subsystems
20% to collectors

The values it lists for fighters and corvs is actually it’s ACCURACY against them, and they do 100%.

There’s also bugs that make some weapons do double damage to certain armor types.

You can unpack the .big files and view the resulting weapon files them with any text editor, though an actual IDE is better.

I am rather surprised that no one has made an actual decent site with all the values yet. :confused: I guess I could set one up… It’d be really easy to parse all the files to make some JSON and then display that on a site. I really don’t want to though, since that’s another day half day of work when I already have so much to do.

Everything’s basically defined in .wepn files. It basically takes a float (percentage) for accuracy. You can also add modifiers for different types of units or even armor types.

For example, the ion frigate you link to just has this in the .ship file to define it’s weapon:


The important part being ‘Hgn_IonCannon’ which refers to the .wepn definition.
This is defined as such:


Check this and this for more on what the parameters are.

The RNG part is this:
Meaning that the .wepn has 10% hit chance vs. anything in the ‘Fighter’ family.
IIRC, the default is ‘1’ (100%) against the family unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for the quick reply to both of you.

The links you posted don’t work right now. The first one did once, but now the site seems down. Do you know of another place that documents the functions?

As for the default values, could it be that in
all the 0 values are actually 1 then? That would make more sense too.

I’ll go and read the extracted configuration files once the documentation is accessible again.

Yeahhh. That site goes down many times a day.

No. The zeroes are and the .3 for subsystems are armor penetration modifiers. +30% dmg to subsystems. It’s not listed (or maybe it changed in remastered but it also has a +20% for ‘ResArmour’ (resource ships IIRC).

The sections that start with “vs …” are accuracy modifiers.

It’s all mixed together and poorly presented on that site.

There’s a fork of the Karos Graveyard wiki here. (Started specifically cause the first seems to go down a lot.) However, a lot of pages are still missing.