Game mode changes

Having played the beta and the full release I must say that I don’t personally agree with many design decisions for the game modes, but I want to highlight a couple areas that I believe should be changed for a better experience if one is to keep the existing game modes.

The first involves the interaction of the helix level up system and the general length of time of the matches. I have found that in the majority of games that I have played for meltdown and especially capture, I have gotten to half of the helix by the end game (this not including surrenders). Personally I feel that the victory values for these game modes should be increased so that players are allowed more often to see and develop a full build for their characters both with gear and helix mutations. This will have the added benefit of also allowing some teams to have a greater chance and period of time to come back.

My other point is changes to Incursion. I find that Incursion is too often decided by the team which destroys the first sentry first. This is, I find is partially due to the additional creep spawn that comes with the destruction. This creep(don’t know the actual name) that projects an oversheild for nearby teammates and ensures that the creep lane is constantly pushed against the opponents base. This in addition to the fact that they can build in the structure spots of the team that just lost the sentry, which often creates an entrenched and camping opposing team. Further, the second sentry’s position provides no purchase-able bonuses to help the losing team push out of their hole, it only provides more defensive options. What I am suggesting to help create more enjoyable and longer-lasting games for both sides is to remove the ability for the destroying team to place in the defending team’s turret and other constructable locations and the removal of the added creep. I still believe that the destroying team should be rewarded with something for their victory, be it shards for everyone or something else. I also believe that you could keep the added creep in the game mode but instead have that be a spawning creep from the start from both teams.

Again this is only my personal gripes and concerns with the current game modes. If you agree or disagree with anything I have to say please reply below and please keep it civil.

First off allow me to say. I disagree with your points. Now I will be explain why to each point.

first the helix and gear one. I feel the length of time and not always getting to level 10 in every match is a good thing. However if your having a really close game in either meltdown or capture. you will get to 8-10. in capture. don’t forget to get the varelsi that spawn. each one killed drops a helix point and can give you/your team the level advantage or serve to keep you up with the enemy if they have the advantage and i feel having modes that are on such short times is good for gear. it helps put some value on the cheaper gear so people aren’t sitting there trying to run 3 legendaries and 1 legendary and 2 epics. it helps put value in cheaper gear that you know you’ll be able to get quick. specially with some gear being free. I find that gear the best in capture since capture has a smaller cache of shards overall and if your using free gear. your shards can go into structures to help you defend a point and give you xp to help you level.

now my counter point to incursion. destroying a sentry does needs to be rewarded. and it is typical in other games that they give a powerful minion/creep as a reward for it. I’m ok with the enemy team being able to build there if they get the sentry down. but i do think they should make the area just before the last sentry (the typical place the enemy sets themselves up at since they are semi protected up there by the support station from the sentry) and make it so the sentry can really destroy up there to help keep the enemy out and only letting them go in with their minions. I’d say make the last sentry deal heavily increased damage to heroes to keep them from just being able to take it down as they are now without having to have minions there to help. this will help the defending team being able to have 2-3 heroes defend while the other one’s flank around and backdoor the enemies first sentry and setting up behind them to start the counter push. this way it’ll give the defending team a better chance at least of making a come back.