Game Mode Idea: Incursion XL

I love playing the incursion game mode. The concept is a great. A momentum based mode that focuses on defending your base, attacking the enemies base and creating “buildables” in your base and between yours and the enemies.
However I feel the current setup is a bet too small and it rewards more of a rush down game plan, usually within the first 5 minutes someone’s first sentry is under attack or halfway destroyed.
It’s also really hard to reverse momentum on this mode.
Ilathe current layout of incursion is this
Team1 base1 > team1 base2 > neutral area > team2 base2 > team2 base1
All I suggest is creating 2 more neutral areas in between the two twams and adding an extra 10 minutes to the clock and have even more buildables and maybe another mercenary/thrall area.
With two more neutral areas there could be a bit more strategy and building up your defences.

Haven’t thought it out too much, just thought it sounded like it would be fun, so I decided to post it here while I was on my lunchbreak away from the office.

So tell me what you guys think.