Game mode suggestion (yes another, but check this)

Hello everyone,

Like most of you i love this franchise. I’ve been hyped on Borderlands since way back before number 1.

Whilst i love 3, it’s a great game, there is something critical that has been lost since number 2 that completely negates submersion.

The inclusion of the lootpool as equipable for enemy mobs.

Let me explain. In borderlands 1 enemies were actually equipped with the guns they’d drop. It made the game insanely challenging and upped the ante a LOT.

I’m asking, nay BEGGING for a game mode where this exists in BL3. Also - shields and grenades should be EQUIPPED by the enemy and there should be a RNG for whether they drop these or not, but it should ONLY include these items (not others from the player available loot pool - put those in chests).

Then one more thing, on top of this, please re-adjust rarity (or give a game mode that ups the challenge but makes rare truly rare). I miss playing where rare was TRULY RARE. I understand the masses want instant gratification, but all this purple is too much. I want a game mode where mobs have and use the guns i want and they should or shouldnt drop these on death… and 90 times out of 100 these should be white, green or blue… (it turns out i’m currently seeing blue as the most rare drop in actuality) .

Please. This game mode could have a hardcore feel to it.

Also - make death cost MORE. Right now the length time it takes to play the reincarnation animation is the only incentive not to die. Make guns break or be lost or whatever - but make death cost something more.

Other than that don’t change.

edit: “die is not day”


Enemies with recharger shield, Tesla grenades and sticky guns would be very interesting
That’s probably the “difficulty without sponges” everyone is asking for
But probably a lot of work to create


Enemies already spawn with M10 weapons in M10

yea, but thats just a simple damage modifier
enemies using legendary gear mechanics would provide diverse, challenging gameplay
also, balancing would be incoming pretty instantly if enemies would use the same weapons as the players :wink:
all those “let me have my fun” people would be the first to ask for nerfs :v :v :v

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I love your suggestion however, this part isn’t factual. A while back the devs confirmed that this was an illusion regarding them dropping the same item. They did for sure spawn with guns in the same pool, but there was no RNG tied to them dropping it. It just happened that the player and weapon were scaled to loot that was similar and it was bound to be the case that after several thousand drops, an enemy would happen to drop a similar item to what they were using.

I believe that in bl2 and 3, enemies are limited to a more restrictive pool, like up to purple rarity in their hands, which means, if you were really game smart, you might be able to identify their gun they’re holding right now in these games, and experience an off chance they’d drop that purple because you’re literally killing millions of mobs who spawn with and drop a finite number of weapons.

Does that make sense?

Edit: to the sentiment of your topic: I think it totally should be a mayhem modifier called “enemies spawn with golds”. How much of a mayhem would it be to have to deal with the receiving end of a scourge rocket or a firestorm sniper, or a QUAZAR grenade!??

If you’re referring to this article, I’m not sure it quite says that:

Actually, it specifically says this:

(Emphasis added). The big difference - besides that - was in the structure of the loot generation process itself. Developers had essentially no control over what enemies would drop, but could “only suggest” certain things.


I would have no issue with enemies using the same weapons as myself. Overpowered weapons and overpowered enemies sounds like a winning combination.

Hm. Interesting take on it. Yeah that’s the post I remember reading but my take away had been the idea that it was never that the enemy was dropping the loot they were holding, but that since it was the same loot pool as their spawned gun, when they died, the loot that dropped might be the gun they spawned with, feeling like they dropped it, even tho it was coincidence.

In any case, thanks for linking it. That’s super helpful.

Edit: clarity

Essentially, think of it as equipping out of their loot drop. So you’ll always get the item they were using in BL1. Which is completely different from BL2, TPS, and BL3.


Gearbox is having a hard enough time balancing items for player use. Imagine them also having to balance them for enemy use, too.

They could try, but I’ve seen so many streamers save-quit before their death takes effect to avoid a relatively meaningless penalty (some lost cash). They would never let a meaningful death penalty take hold.