Game "NEVER" saving

The game Borderlands 2 never saves. This would include settings, and characters. If you know how to fix this please tell me. I tried almost everything from turning off cloud mode and reinstalling the game.
Note that there is no Borderlands 2 folder in my “My Games” folder from “My Documents”.


May be the “Windows Defender” glitch? There’s info in this thread and this one - if that AV software was active before you tried to install the game, it might be preventing creation of the BL2 save folder?

If that’s not the case, @Adabiviak or @Jefe might have other suggestions, and you can file a ticket with tech support here:


This sounds a lot like this :

The cause in this case was BitDefender

Oops - just caught that you already linked that thread. I have no other suggestions other than disabling WinDefender.

@rja is the resident Steam guru.

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Even before you start a game, you should see folders there, no? (Binaries, LauncherData, and WillowGame) There just won’t be any actual files in the willowgame/SaveData/(numbers) directory. If you’re not packing BitDefender (or some other AV that’s choking this), I might uninstall and reinstall. Unless someone can confirm that this entire directory set is created with the first save game file and/or configuration setting, I’d consider this.

Do you see that directory set somewhere else, like under a different user? If you go to C:/Users and check those accounts, see if you find them there. Not that the fix still isn’t a reinstall anyway, but still (so you can make sure the folder set goes to the right user folder so they get the correct write permissions).


I was thinking about this a bit last night, too - I’d check the folder permissions for “My Games” and make sure some wacky thing didn’t go lock it/set it to read only on you. Do you have any other games installed that you can launch to see if they are still running fine?

@Adabiviak: when you run a Steam install, is there a spot where you can set/check the directory path the process is trying to use? And where would you find any log file for the process?

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Not for the save game directory that I know of; just the game files themselves (clueless users might put the save game files somewhere with awkward permissions, where the ‘My Documents’ folder guarantees read/write access in a standardized location). I’m pretty sure the install uses the %homepath% environment variable, as it will account for most if not all Windows environments. To see for yourself, type %homepath%\documents\My Games\Borderlands 2 into a Run prompt, and you should go straight to these folders, regardless of which version of Windows you’re on (with the exception of versions that aren’t likely to run Steam) and your username.

If something is wrong with his or her environment variable (and this is actually the technique BL2 uses), it could screw this up.

@shockingiscool13, if you type %homepath%\documents into a Run prompt, does it take you anywhere or do you get an error? If it takes you somewhere, do you see My Games and then Borderlands 2 folders there?


I’m having this same issue right now. The game is actually saving (according to the file info in My Games folder) my character progress, money, skills points, etc but then it takes me back to a previous place in the game and I have to go through and fight everyone else again. It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve tried all the “fixes” like turning off cloud sync, windows defender, validating files, and I don’t have Bitdefender.

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I am getting the same thing as you are.


Gearbox Software Support helped @mofojoe with a similar problem, so enter a trouble ticket here:

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I have installed the Borderlands 2 GOTY version from steam in my Local Disk C: . I will copy and past the destination of the gamehere to let you see exactly where C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2
I have played about 4-5 hours straight and I pressed Save and Quit to turn the application off. Unfortunately the next time I lanched the game from the steam, my saved game didnt show up, so I googled it and many people suggest to open a ticket togearboxsoftware to get the fix for the game.

*I should mention that, this is destination that is created from installing - play the game
C:\Users\George\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2
and as I have read it should have a subfolder in there named SaveData and an save document with the recent date created but it doen’t exict at all.

Any suggestion what is happening and why!!? Also any fixes for that problem??

I am looking forward for your reply.

Thanks in advance,

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Yes. You need to make sure your AV software/Windows Defender isn’t preventing the game from creating the save files. It’s a pretty common problem and there are two threads in this section with solutions one of which should help you.

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