Game not fixing itself

I know a lot of times during defense missions the game sometimes lags and fixes itself if theres an enemy you cant reach or something. But right now (just left) Iā€™m on the second defense point on the Saboteur and we had no enemies left on the map, and the game wouldnt start up the next wave. (Update) We ran around for about 5-7 minutes waiting for it to fix but gave up. Not sure if this has happened to anybody else? And if it has what did you do? :confused:

Odd. I have absolutely no idea though

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it should start back up after 1 min or 2 and most 5 but this has happened to me multiple times

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Yeah I forgot to mention we had been running around for about 5-7 minutes before callin it quits. It sucks usually it fixes after a bit but this one just never did :confused:

Iā€™m only aware of it fixing itself when an enemy is missing but still on the minimap. It looks like you had a different case altogether, some kind of scripting issue. Sorry mate