Game Not Properly Resetting in UVHM

I play co-OP with my honey and after he reset his UVHM, it let him get mission rewards, but for me it says I’ve already done the mission. I reset mine and it still gives the message that I’ve done the mission even though they don’t show up in the completed missions tab. What can I do to fix this? I really want to get some of the mission items because I’m changing Gaige’s specs.

Try a complete save-quit-restart of your game, and double-check that you’ve selected the right mode by hitting the “select character” button. What platform are you on? I’ll get you moved to the right section so as not to further necro this thread.

Xbox 1

I was finally able to get it to reset. Thank you for your advice. I had to reset mine, then he reset his, and I started the game as first player. Then we backed out and let him run first player as normal. And we also had to restart our xbox about 3 times. But it’s fixed and I’m happy. Thank you!