Game of [Battle] Thrones - A Kleese Guide

Wait so … You want to play


Why? It was the chair, wasn’t it? That’s why you’re here. Had to be the chair.
…Maybe it was the imaginary kitty?

Oh, Oh I know! You wanted to make GAME OF THRONES puns!

Or perhaps you wanted an INTELLECTUAL character that offers very strong support and rewards smart decisions. You wanted a character that you clearly could see your own improvement with the more you practice and who’s choices could single-handedly turn the tide of a battle. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

So cross your legs, caress your beard, steeple your fingers, stroke your imaginary cats (with steepled fingers) and lets get started!

  1. Playstyle Overview

  2. Abilities Overview

  3. Helix Overview.

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Unique Perspective - If you’ve played someone like Oscar Mike, Rath, or Orendi, then you know what it’s like being in the thick of a battle relying on your twitch reflexes and aim to carry you through to victory. You know well the pulse-pounding moment-to-moment action that has you clashing viciously with your enemies in a battle of glory until only one emerges victorious!

Yeah… Kleese isn’t about that life.

The old man is very much a tactician, and that translates through his playstyle: he has no stuns and none of his standard abilities do very much damage. As a result, Kleese is not for everyone! Kleese plays similar to Marquis in that he’s at his best when people are very far away from him. Unlike Marquis, Kleese isn’t as concerned with killing. Your abilities work better against minions/turrets and allies than they do against enemies. That’s not to say Kleese doesn’t have plenty of murder-potential nor is he shoehorned into one single style, but in order to be effective with Kleese in ANY capacity, you have to have that spark of creative… madness.


  • Long range

  • High shields and good defense.

  • Obliterates robotics.

  • Can carry a team with smart play.

  • Can snipe like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Respectable learning curve.


  • Requires a set up to be effective.

  • Vulnerable to melee & snipers.

  • No stuns or hard CC beyond ult.

  • Energy beacons can be easily destroyed.

  • Respectable (if not a little frustrating) learning curve.

Multitasker - There’s a lot going on during any one match, and as Kleese it’s your job to keep more in mind than the unrelenting slaughter of your enemies. While the same could be said for any character, this is especially important for the support player. If you want to play Kleese properly, you should have …

Capacity to keep track of energy beacons
Capacity to keep track of ally health/shields
Knowing how to adapt your build for having ridiculous tree-hugger… erm… Eldrich on your team.
Knowing how to defend against melee classes (Hint: How about … Don’t be there!)
Team communication helps tremendously.
Strong understanding of minion & turret strengths/weaknesses is a plus.

Kleese’s playstyle is weird. He has a strange, floaty jump that takes time to understand, he is much bigger than he seems thanks to his throne (and thus has the ungodly frustrating Kelvin-syndrome of getting stuck on random things you can’t even see!) and his attacks seem to do either pitiful damage or have a pretty long start-up, but all of this comes for good reason: With a little creativity, he’s an absolute monster!


It helps to gain a sniper’s-perspective of the field in order to truly work to your full potential. Kleese specializes in support & area denial, so placing your beacons in choke points, tunnels, or near turrets is important both for supporting allies and setting up your own kills. It helps to have a strong understanding of all your abilities, and since they’re so unusual, a little practice goes a long way to success.

Wrist Cannon - Your primary fire shoots a steady stream of energy bolts that would make Megaman jealous. These pellets don’t do much damage, even to machines, but have impressive range and accuracy. If you’re trying to take someone down from full health with this pea-shooter, then go play Oscar Mike, as this weapon is better suited for helping secure a kill or destroying turrets from far.

…Until you upgrade the hell out of it!

A little devotion to Kleese gains you the Quantum Precision (Rank 3) mutation - this turns your wrist gun into a chargeable laser. The charge has three levels, visible by the little dots on the gun’s hologram-reticle, and at full charge is as dangerous as any sniper’s shot. Keep in mind that this upgrade turns your automatic weapon into something akin to a sniper rifle; a thin, hyper-accurate beam that fires after a small charge. Great for demolishing structures and ruining enemy selfies… with headshots.

Shock Taser - The alt fire on Kleese’s chair sees him push a little button and … well, nothing seems to happen. When you hold the button down near an enemy, however, you’ll see two filaments of electricity reach out to tether to a target, draining your chair’s energy to keep an electrical death-line between you and your victim. This ability has low range, but high damage and is an excellent way to shred enemy shields or kill squishier opponents like Marquis & Orendi.

Warning: This weapon is super-empowering, and so the urge to make manic attempts to zap down a Montana from full HP may occur! Please resist, use this as a last resort when the enemy has invaded your personal space (or is distracted trying to melee down one of your allies).

Energy Rift - This is the signature Kleese ability, and one of the most intricate skills in the entire game. You can place up to 3 (4 with trait) energy rifts on the field at a time, and every three seconds they pulse out damage and restores about 1/3 of ally shields. The rift will immediately pulse on summon which allows you to clutch-shield allies (a very strong combo when used with Shocking Twist). These beacons count as physical objects on the field, which means you can block enemy/ally movement with them.


This is especially important to keep in mind in tunnels and during intense fights, a backtracking ally won’t realize the rift is blocking their retreat until it’s too late. This also means that, with skilled play, you can also use your rifts to wall and enemies in corners. Still, you can accidentally block your own benedict’s rockets, or ruin an ally’s ult if you’re not careful. (Or, if you ARE careful, provide them some clutch cover, though the rift doesn’t have much HP!)

Energy Mortars - Fire a cascading stream of energy bolts on enemies. This ability has impressive range and is hell on enemy shields, it’s also one of the most build-defining abilities depending on how you upgrade it. When you hit level 2, you have a major decision to make as to how your mortars will function and be used.

Shiftless Shells ( Energy Mortars will slow enemy targets they hit. +3 Seconds Slow Duration) - This is the defensive variant of Mortars, allowing you and your allies a quick escape from danger as well as slowing down minion waves. The longer it takes for enemy minions to get to their destination, the more advantage your team has!

Overloaded Mortars (Firing Energy Mortars will deplete Kleese’s Shield and add it to their damage.Up to +16 Damage) - The “wreck all the things” variant of Mortars. With this, you’ll easily destroy enemy turrets and minions as well as be a significant threat to enemy players. It may seem strange to sacrifice your own shielding for damage, and yes - this trait does take some getting used to - but remember that creativity is key with Kleese; there are multiple ways to mitigate this effect, such as Geezer Pleaser (which works on minions) and Rift Network.

ULTIMATE - Black Hole - There’s a lot to be said about this skill, but it really can’t be describe in words how useful this ability is. It deals respectable damage, and yanks everyone in the AoE to it’s center point. It’s the pull that’s the real gold here, as it clusters bots and players all together for a grand old spanking by your team. This ability has no channel, so you can place the black hole and run off to go do other mad scientist things.

This ability thrives with communication. Letting your team know you’re about to suck everyone all together for a nice Orendi/Oscar Mike nuke is the stuff that forges lasting friendships.


The old man can do a lot, but remember that a Jack of All Trades is a king of none; If you spread yourself too thin, you run the risk of being lackluster at everything. Kleese has a number of different builds and playstyles that work for him depending on how you weave together his traits. You can play an an oppressive offensive force, or a defensive bastion of support depending on which skill tree you decide to invest in. Your most build-defining decisions come at level 1, 2, 4, & 5.

DAMAGE - Crazy Old Man - This variation specializes on hurting people in all sorts of creative ways, from blowing up your chair on death to making your energy beacons explode (and other less-interesting non-explody ways to hurt people). Keep in mind that you do NOT need to take every damage trait in order to be able to deal significant damage. While you can certainly go that route, you only really need one or two reliable sources of pain-giving. Your primary damage options include…

WRIST CANNON - Quantum Precision - Turns your puny wrist cannon into a sniper-like laser shot that does significant damage. This is a mutator, and technically not part of the COM (crazy old man) set, but it’s a very strong way to boost your damage output and the only one for the wrist cannon.

SHOCK TASER - Don’t Taze Me Bro / Brawn Before Brains - These traits allow you to shock an additional target and increase shock damage by 50% respectively. Pretty straightforward and highly useful.

ENERGY MORTARS - Overloaded Mortars / Tampered Mortars / Expanded Mortars Overloaded Mortars makes a huge difference in how you use your mortars, draining out your shields in order to dramatically increase their damage. Expanded and Tampered mortars aren’t nearly as build-defining as this trait, with Expanded adding 4 more shells for shield draining and Tampered turning your mortar spray into a more shotgun-like burst.
Tampered Mortars does change how you use your mortars though, turning it from a machinegun-like fire to a more close-ranged shotgun burst. It works very well with Overloaded Mortars + Geezer Pleaser (Killing an enemy restores your shields) when used on minions to instantly restore your shield after use.

ENERGY RIFTS - Shocking Pulse / Unstable Rifts / Rift Network / Quick Pulse Oh, rifts, how versatile you are! The first thing worth mentioning is that you cannot grab Rift Network & Unstable Rifts at the same time. These share the same helix at level 4, and really determine how you’ll be using your rifts. Rift Network is a more defensive-oriented skill that multiplies your rift’s damage/shield granting effectiveness by the number of linked rifts. This is a great skill for defending areas and loner fights, but is meant for a slower-paced playstyle. Unstable Rifts thrive in the chaos of battle; throw a beacon up, destablize it, and blow up all the baddies nearby. (Combos beautifully with Black Hole)
Shocking & Quick Pulse simply make the rifts more effective and are as straightforward as they seem.

BLACK HOLE - “Square Root of Pain - Black Hole causes all friendly Energy Rifts in range to become an Unstable Riftand explode. +200 Damage.” Summon a rift… or wait for an enemy to walk near one; and then … Hehehehehahaha!

DEFENSE - Brilliant Tactician - Brilliant tactician isn’t simply a name, it’s a recommendation! Since you cannot get by with simply being a shield-bot, you have to figure out a way to be effective despite curtailing your damage for the sake of support. It is important to remember that defense/support isn’t just for yourself and other players; your minions matter too!

ENERGY MORTARS - Shocking Twist - This ability is deceptively strong. It allows you to restore your allies shields with energy mortars rather than with just your energy beacons. It requires good aim (or a good concept of how splash damage works) to be effective, but remember that you can quickly restore ally shields to full if you hit them with an energy rift right after boosting them up with the mortars.

DON’T CALL IT A HEAL CHAIR (Level 5) - It turns your chair into a … wait for it … heal chair! You pulse out a healthy bit of healing (comparable to Miko’s heal beam) in a radius to those near you… - and by near you, I mean so close that you’re completely invading their personal space - There are some very important factors to keep in mind here, though:

  • Your chair does NOT heal you.
  • Your chair heals minions & players.

This is one of the most playstyle-defining trait in Kleese’s helix and arguably the best support ability he can provide. It does come with a very major drawback though: you have to be close to your teammates in order to affect them. This is a very dangerous position for Kleese to be in, and a big reason why he doesn’t make Miko obsolete. It is more efficient for both yourself for your teammates to treat you like a supply turret; running back to your side for a quick boost before returning to battle. That being said, a Kleese set up with his energy rift network and a heal chair can be very hard for enemies to dislodge, especially when there is a tank beside him.

RIFT NETWORK / QUICK PULSE - Rift Network is essential for a supportive Kleese. Since each individual rift restores about 1/3 of ally shields per pulse, having three rifts near eachother will fully heal ally shields every three seconds. Before all the grandpa-haters go shouting “OP!” off the rooftops, remember that all it takes is two shots from a Marquis to destroy a rift.

SHARING IS CARING - “Black Hole gives every friendly team member in range an overshield when it implodes. +225 Overshield” The overshield stacks with the normal shield. While not entirely crucial, it is a nice convenience to have late in a match to help deal with the increasing power of enemy players.


Shield Regen / Health Regen / X

… You thought there would be more here, huh? Yeah, so did I…

Here’s a sample build!

Kleese takes time and practice to master, but is one of the more rewarding badasses to play effectively. Do well, and the feeling of being able to save your allies is only matched by the sincere gratitude that is shown to you for your efforts. Do poorly, and the entire team’s loss is blamed on you… No pressure!


Great guide. I just unlocked Kleese and having fun learning new strategies. Thanks for sharing.

Would cooldown be useful for gear?

In my experience with him, not particularly. 5-6% cooldown only equates to a single second on his non-ulti abilities. So you’d need 3 items with cooldown to be very useful. However, the Chrono Key from Sentinel is fairly nice. Every 500 damage you deal reduces cooldowns by 1 second. Get a couple non-charged shots off with the level 3 sniper mutation and you get free cooldown. Crit with it and you can reduce it by even more. Or hell even nail a guy with Mortars using the shield-spending helix and you can get 3-4 seconds off a rift.

I’ll try to get the legendary, that sounds really good.

It’s extra funny when melee dive you in your rift farm while you have it up, killing themselves and feeding you free cooldown to replace what they break.

It’s silly the amount of raths that want to play around in Kleese’s rifts.

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Interestingly, Kleese barely scales with anything. His shield healing doesn’t scale with healpower, skill damage, anything, and the main damage of his mortars comes from the level 2 talent to dump his shields into it, otherwise they barely tickle even the squishiest of characters…So one of the better builds for him is defensive items to help mitigate his squishiness. I use a life regen that gives more life regen when my shields are down…and since Kleese gets a talent to just dump his shields into a mortar barrage…I can easily get life regen matching that of an Eldrid almost on demand as long as I’m not sitting in my rifts.

One of the items I want to get is the Root Tea. An Eldrid item that gives healpower and sprint speed, but the main prize is that every 6 seconds, if you sprint, you drop a health orb like the ones you pick up in PVE.

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That sounds like my build. The thing is Kleese scales thought the match.

Have you picked up the “Bouncing Balls of Death” mutation? It adds a surprising amount of damage to the Mortars(even when traited with Shiftless!) by helping to ensure they all hit.

Yup. That’s a fun one.

I just Kleese today, won three straight matches and of course NOW I find your amazing guide…I’m a fool. I was only being a middle of the road Evil Old Man! MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I am ashamed and will use this guide to become a worthy old geezer I promise.

-Amazing Guide @douknowutdismean. Thanks for making it.

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Haha thanks!

Just in case no ones tried it or tested, it does seem that if you take Shocking Twist with Bouncing Balls helix, that the bouncing Mortars can ALSO replenish shields when passing/bouncing off Allies.

I’m unsure if Kleese himself can get shields from his own mortars though. I feel like sometimes, if I fire point blank at something I’ll see a couple ticks of shields, and other times never see anything.

i played kleese once and i died 2984289572 times because i didnt know that he was longrange and was constantly in the middle of the fight… worse… i didnt even understand what his secondairy button did so never used it after it did nothing in the spawnarea.

never underestimate the Taser. That thing may seem weak but it absolutely MELTS shields and works great as a ganking tool. My mates love it because of they get into hock I just run in drop a rift and open up with taser. Now their shields are always on while the enemies shields never come back. never forget how crazy the Taze is

Tried kleese again and sorry but have to disagree with you… his tazer does hardly any damage and often doesnt even work, even thoguh im aiming it at enemies… :confused: holding button does nothing while im getting killed in no time.

His turrets still dont do anything, they never help me when someone atacks me… still havent hit a single gravity ult something and his other shots are very hard to hit aswell cause they arc and tend to shoot over enemies their heads even if they stand in front of them… :confused:

I hope i unlock phoebe soon cause ill play her instead she looks like a good character… last time i faced one i couldnt do anything i got stuck beside a stairway as kelvin :confused:
I tend to constantly get stuck behind everything… probably one of the most obnoxious things in this game that really make me feel sabotaged all the time… wich is exactly a feeling i quit league over.

Any gear advice for someone that wants to try kleese out?

Ned to figure out how to quote. lemme add that to my to do list…

Anyhoo @calamarimonitor

Ok let me preface this by saying it;s not a insult and I intend to help you Kleese is A SUPPORT so that means: Your doing it wrong. Now now hold up! before you flag that I said it was not a insult and I am going to offer advice, like right now.

Taser is NOT a kill weapon, it;s a shield melter and GANK weapon. as in your gonna use it best if your being a sneaky dick. let your tanks engage and if you see them struggling float your old butt in, tase the enemy to kill their shields and RUN. you did enough killing their shields. Alternatively and there is a Taser damage helix up actually too- use it when a enemy has stupidly low HP to Gank, if they are trying to run pop out and ltaze em!

His Rifts ARE DEFENSIVE ONLY. They are not supposed to do anything, is says in the skills description " generates shield boosts for teammates, it requires a lvl 1 helix upgrade to actually shock enemies when it pulses. They are for support and evil body blocking. Says it in the skill, and in the guide above. So you goofed WHICH IS FINE. people make silly mistakes.

His ult is utility and CC at it;s finest, not a kill shot. It should be used on grouped enemies to pull them into a central murder zone or pull back and hold out minion waves and pushes, yes it does damage and can kill weakened enemies but it’s mostly used for hard CC and there is excells specially with careful targeting behind enemy tanks, it will rip them clear out of the line of fire and expose squishy melee and healers so easily. Also it can be used as a Ult setup. drop yours pull enerything and tell your nearest AOE juggernaut to let er rip. OM’s artillery barrage, Ambras meteor, any ulti or skill that deals big AOE loves a good Kleese.

Just from the vid and how your taking about him I can tell your playing him not as a support, you were often far too close to the combat zone - his lvl 3 or 4 helix mutation turns his main weapon into a sniper always use it- your job is to rift like nutter butter and support. Your playing like a basic healer or at worst midrange in capture, which unto itself is not support friendly unless your Miko or Alani. Kleese is labeled as “territprial” for a good reason, in that he works best and most effectively when in Incursion or Meltdown, where he can pop in, set up a HQ for his team and start literally controlling things with Rift placement and snipe mortars. if he;s always on the move he does suck.

BTW how in the heck do you not have Phobe she unlocks at a much lower Command Rank then Kleese and, even assuming you did story to get him you should have gotten Phobe before he even unlocked. Just curious.

@chelton91 Surely but they are odd. I run a damage up, a HP up and a Skill damage up. I know your thinking I’m stupid but hear me out.

The raw damage up helps my base attackls and Taser hit harder specially when you unlock the sniper mutation, those two at decent levels make me capable of full screen killing a Marquis in two fully charged bolts. not to mention the extra taser damage. the HP up helps me stay a bit tankier though a shield boost or any other effect is welcome here as well. - that said later on he does have Helix upgrades to his shield so maybe focus on HP- and the Skill damage may seem like a waste but I spec as a controller offensive kleese so My mortars hit hard and you cannot believe how many assists I rake up with my damage rifts out in a proper grid. Absolutely wrecks if your dilligent.

I’m sure others run different loadouts but mine has served me remarkably well. and it;s not even anything special, blues and greens mostly.

1: why would i be insulted? lol…

2: dont know how i didnt have phoebe i just never make kills in pvp ever… even when i play carry champs i just die over and over…because i cant hit anything, only time i finally killed some people was when i played the wizard girl with the spider arms but i think thats cause i was lucky cause i just aimlessly threw around her aoe’s, thats when i unlocked phoebe (yesterday evening did) but before that never… hitting things in this game is very hard for me because everything moves way too fast and i do not have the reaction speed of a kid anymore… im getting older…

3: atm im contemplating returning this game to the store, i wont get back all my money . …40 euros… probably will get back 15 euros… hmz

I just have no fun in this game i only die 24/7 and get stuck behind everything and everything is way too chaotic and frustrating… i have attention deficit disorder and this game is definately not friendly toward people with it.